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Nur Unveils Papa Katsu! 03 Trailer

Papa Katsu!’s third episode, an incest hentai by Nur, has just released its official trailer!

After a year-long wait, fans of the series can finally see a preview of what awaits them in the upcoming episode. In the trailer, the two stepdaughters can be seen having sex with their stepfather, forming a peculiar incest and harem relationship between them.

Don’t forget that their new OVA will be released on June 30.


Nur Unveils Papa Katsu! 03 Trailer

Tsumugi continues to suffer from her current painful situation. She sees her beloved sister pleasuring her father’s member with a perverted expression, and besides the fact that she does not recognize her mother’s marriage, she is shocked that her sister would readily accept it. That shocking reality infuriates Tsumugi, who confronts the hateful fellow, but he replies that he is only disciplining her. Despite her feeble protest, the father’s member enters Tsumugi again. The insolent daughter, who kept calling out insults, is put through intense training to be completely disciplined. Although she tries to resist, she is skillfully evaded and while being coaxed with words, Tsumugi is humiliated while being abused. After that, she is confronted with a certain situation.



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