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Autumn 2021

Chizuru chan Kaihatsu Nikki Episode 1 Poster

Chizuru-chan Kaihatsu Nikki

6 episodes · OVA Completed Chizuru-chan's Development Diary, 千鶴ちゃん開発日記

Chizuru Shiina has had a crush on her teacher, Tsukino-sensei, for quite some time. She would do just about anything for him! Her love is promptly put to the test. Tamura, another of her teachers, has been embezzling money from the class treasury for a while. Now he tries to pin it on Tsukino, though he quickly remembers that this won’t be possible … the cameras in the banks would give him away. Luckily for him, Chizuru catches him at it and believes his lie that it is Tsukino who is embezzling money. To save her beloved sensei, Chizuru gets involved in a relationship with her sadistic teacher and gives him her virginity. But that is not the end of their relationship, for much worse things await Chizuru, as Tamura plans to take out all his frustration on her …

Chizuru-chan Kaihatsu Nikki, 千鶴ちゃん開発日記, 치즈루짱 개발일기

Cosplay Change Pure kei Joshidaisei no Kiken na Seihek Episode 1 Poster

Cosplay Change: Pure-kei Joshidaisei no Kiken na Seiheki

Mousou Senka
4 episodes · OVA Completed コスプレチェンジ ~ピュア系女子大生の危険な性癖~

Imoko Aima is a college student who has not yet managed to make friends. She loves anime, manga and cosplay and has even enrolled in the cosplay club at university. However, all she realises there is that she is far too big for cute cosplays. On her way home, she passes a small shop in front of which the costume of her favourite anime character is on display. Without further ado, she decides to try it on. However, Shinta Nobe, the shop employee, interprets this completely differently. He thinks Imoko wants to steal the cosplay and sees it as his chance to finally lose his virginity – with a real beauty at that! Shinta finally gives her an ultimatum: either she has sex with him or he reports the “theft” to the police. Of course, Imoko doesn’t want the police to get involved …

コスプレチェンジ ~ピュア系女子大生の危険な性癖~, Cosplay Change: Pure-kei Joshidaisei no Kiken na Seiheki, 코스프레 체인지 ~퓨어계 여대생의 위험한 성버릇~

Mama x Holic Miwaku no Mama to Amaama Kankei The Animation Episode 1 Poster

Mama x Holic: Miwaku no Mama to Amaama Kankei – The Animation

2 episodes · OVA Completed Mama×Holic ~魅惑のママと甘々カンケイ~ THE ANIMATION

In “Mama × Holic: Miwaku no Mama to Amaama Kankei The Animation”, humans and demi-humans coexist in peace. Taichi Amano goes to a school that is also attended by half-humans. However, there is something about him that attracts especially the ladies at the school: they all want his “Awakening Essence”. Especially Mai, Yasha, and Sally have it in for him …

Mama×Holic ~魅惑のママと甘々カンケイ~ THE ANIMATION, Mama x Holic: Miwaku no Mama to Amaama Kankei The Animation, ママホリック ~魅惑のママと甘々カンケイ~ THE ANIMATION, 마마홀릭 ~매혹의 엄마와 달콤한 관계~, Mama × Holic: Miwaku no Mama to Amāma Kankei The Animation

Onaho Kyoushitsu Joshi Zenin Ninshin Keikaku The Animation Episode 1 Poster

Onaho Kyoushitsu: Joshi Zenin Ninshin Keikaku – The Animation

PinkPineapple, Studio 1st
1 episodes · OVA Completed Onahole Classroom, オナホ教室 ~女子全員妊娠計画~ THE ANIMATION

The protagonist has a slight foot fetish, which is why his eyes keep wandering to the beautiful legs of his classmate Ai Kitagami. However, the schoolgirl finally catches him doing it … and the only logical conclusion is to blackmail him together with her friends Kaho and Sachi so that everyone can see what a perverted “doggy” he is. They force him to buy an overpriced onahole – that way he wouldn’t have to slobber on his classmates all the time.
When the onahole is finally delivered to him, he decides to try it out; after all, it was expensive! It soon turns out that it is a very special onahole, with which he can really have sex with his fellow students through unknown powers – no matter when and where. And the best thing is: they don’t even know he’s behind it! Of course, choosing his first victim is not a difficult thing … and the second and third are also decided at least as quickly.

オナホ教室 ~女子全員妊娠計画~ THE ANIMATION, Onaho Kyoushitsu: Joshi Zen`in Ninshin Keikaku the Animation, 오나홀 교실 ~여자 전원 임신 계획~, Onaho Kyōshitsu: Joshi Zenin Ninshin Keikaku The Animation, Ona Hole Class Room The Animation, Onaho Kyoushitsu: Joshi Zenin Ninshin Keikaku The Animation

Shishunki no Obenkyou Episode 1 Cover

Shishunki no Obenkyou

Studio 1st
? episodes · OVA Ongoing 思春期のお勉強

Kasuga has been having a big problem at school lately: she just can’t concentrate in class anymore because there are too many penises in the classroom! She just wants to see a penis once, then the problem would be solved. This even leads to her having zero points in the last test.

Her classmate Kobayashi, who scored all the points in the same test, has to make fun of her of course. More encouraged than ever, Kasuga proposes a competition: the one who has more points in the next test must grant the other a wish. Kasuga already knows exactly what she will wish for … Now she just has to win the bet! 

Shishunki no Obenkyo, 思春期のお勉強, 사춘기의 공부

Showtime Uta no Onee san Datte Shitai

Showtime! Uta no Oneesan datte Shitai

Picante Circus, Rabbit Gate
8 episodes · ONA Completed Show Time!, しょうたいむ!~歌のお姉さんだってしたい

By chance, Shouji Fujimoto meets the well-known idol Minami Takasaki. He has only ever seen the young woman in television so far, as his daughter, whom he is raising alone, watches Minami’s show “Oneesan to Utaou!” regularly. But behind the cheerful façade, the young woman hides a deep desire to finally have a real relationship. However, due to her role as star of a children’s show, Minami cannot afford any scandals. Will Shouji succeed in rescuing her from her loneliness without destroying her career in the process?

Showtime! Uta no Onee-san Datte Shitai, しょうたいむ! ~歌のお姉さんだってしたい~, Show Time!, Show Time!唱歌的大姐姐也想做, 쇼타임! ~노래 선생님도 하고 싶어~


Soshite Watashi wa Sensei ni.Episode 1 Poster

Soshite Watashi wa Sensei ni…

Nur, Tente Moten
4 episodes · OVA Completed そしてわたしはセンセイに……

Prior to her parents’ divorce, Kanna Kuraishi was a model student who always did her homework and paid attention in school. However, she has changed a lot in the meantime! She skips class more and more often, and when she is there, she does anything but pay attention. Her teacher, Ren Kisaragi, finally has had enough of it! He now shows her what it really means to be a bad girl …

Soshite Watashi wa Sensei ni…, そしてわたしはセンセイに……, 그리고 나는 선생님에게…


「gail fee・NUR」レーベルの迸る乙女に、オープニングタイトルのそしてわたしはシリーズ最新作!

Taimanin Shiranui Inyoku no Dorei Shoufu Episode 1 Poster

Taimanin Shiranui: Inyoku no Dorei Shoufu

Teatro Nishi Tokyo Studio
1 episodes · OVA Completed 対魔忍不知火〜淫欲の奴隷娼婦〜

During an undercover mission in NOMAD, Shiranui Mizuki fell into the trap of her enemies. She has been captured and brainwashed into becoming a sex slave. In the brothel “Under Eden”, she is finally supposed to demonstrate what she has “learned” as the main attraction of the evening. And because one of her customers has special extra requests, she is injected with a drug that makes her go blind during her performance. Therefore, Shiranui feels everything even more intensely …

対魔忍不知火〜淫欲の奴隷娼婦〜, Taimanin Shiranui: Inyoku no Dorei Shoufu, 대마인 시라누이 ~음욕의 노예 창녀~

Torokase Orgasm The Animation Episode 1 Poster

Torokase Orgasm The Animation

1 episodes · OVA Completed とろかせおるがずむ THE ANIMATION

“Torokase Orgasm The Animation / Vines in the shade” is a film adaptation of the tacobon of the same name by the authorship of the master Oltlo. Hentai will be released in two OVA episodes in September 2021.
“For the summer holidays, my father sent me to his native home, although I certainly wanted to spend the summer at home. I went without much desire. But when I met her, I radically changed my opinion. It was my first love… She hasn’t changed a bit over the years and is still beautiful. My beloved Aunt And the and…”

とろかせおるがずむ THE ANIMATION, Torokase Orgasm The Animation, 황홀한 오르가즘

Yamitsuki Pheromone The Animation Episode 1 Poster

Yamitsuki Pheromone The Animation

Breakbottle, Shion
2 episodes · ONA Completed やみつきフェロモン THE ANIMATION

The large-breasted, older student Hino exudes an exceedingly lovely scent that Kido cannot resist. Despite knowing that, as one of the most unpopular students in the class, he should stay away from this beauty, he simply cannot escape her pheromones. Yet, she also wants to get closer to the young man …

やみつきフェロモン THE ANIMATION, Yamitsuki Pheromone The Animation, 중독성 페로몬 THE ANIMATION

Zoku Oujo Onna Kishi W Dogehin Roshutsu Chijoku no Misemono Dorei Episode 2

Zoku Oujo & Onna Kishi W Do Gehin Roshutsu: Chijoku no Misemono Dorei

Anime Antenna Iinkai, WHITE BEAR
2 episodes · OVA Completed 続・王女&女騎士Wド下品露出 ~恥辱の見世物奴隷~

Finally, after a long time, the war is over, though the kingdom of Elstein was the one that lost it! From the government of the Dominus Empire, Princess Elisabeth is now declared the greatest whore of all time who has sex with everyone. Rumours abound that her moans roar through the alleys. With this, Elisabeth became the symbol of the Dominus Empire’s newest law: all women were forced to have sex with the soldiers and orcs if they demanded it. To refuse the act would be against the law and would be punished. And even the only hope, knight Anna, is soon caught by Baldr …

Zoku Oujo & Onna Kishi W Dogehin Roshutsu: Chijoku no Misemono Dorei, 続・王女&女騎士Wド下品露出 ~恥辱の見世物奴隷~,  왕녀와 여기사