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Spring 2022

MIMK 088 Poster

[MIMK-088] The Condoms He Used Were Bigger Than Mind Hana Himesaki

1 episodes · TV Completed アイツが買ったゴムのサイズは俺のよりデカかった 姫咲はな

Chitose works a part-time job, and she begins to sympathize with the old store manager, who lost his wife recently. Even when the manager gets a little inappropriate with her.

She let things slide, assuming it would be a one-time thing only, and also because things are not going great with her boyfriend anyways.

But before she knows it, she gets totally addicted to the old creep.

3 Byou Go Yajuu. Goukon de Sumi ni Ita Kare wa Midara na Nikushoku Deshita Cover

3-byougo, Yajuu. Goukon de Sumi ni Ita Kare wa Nikushoku deshita

Staple Entertainment, Suiseisha
8 episodes · ONA Completed 3 Seconds Later, He Turned Into a Beast, 3秒後、野獣。~合コンで隅にいた彼は肉食でした

Student Tsumugi Kume divides the male world into two subgroups: aggressive “carnivores” and peaceful “herbivores”. After having a bad experience with a man in the first category, she is now looking for a more sensitive boyfriend. To this end, she attends a get-to-know-you party to which she has deliberately invited only “herbivores”. And her plan seems to work because there she meets Kaname Tojo, who looks a bit like her friendly older brother. The two hit it off right away, but what if Kaname’s calm façade also conceals a predator?

3秒後, 野獣. ~合コンで隅にいた彼は淫らな肉食でした, 3-byougo, Yajuu. Goukon de Sumi ni Ita Kare wa Nikushoku deshita, 3 Byou Go, Yajuu. Goukon de Sumi ni Ita Kare wa Midara na Nikushoku Deshita, 3 Seconds Later, He Turned Into a Beast, 3秒后,野兽。~坐在联谊会角落的他是个肉食系, 3초 후, 야수. ~ 미팅에서 구석에 있던 그는 야릇한 육식동물이었다.

Abandon 100 Nuki Shinai to Derarenai Fushigi na Kyoushits Episode 1 Poster

Abandon: 100 Nuki Shinai to Derarenai Fushigi na Kyoushitsu

Mary Jane, Rabbit Gate
? episodes · OVA Ongoing Abandon -100ヌキしないと出られない不思議な教室-

It should have been just boring and annoying extra lessons, but a simple smartphone changed everything …

Student Abe Tomonori won the first prize in a screenwriting competition. “Abandon” is a screenplay he wrote for an adult film that contains sexually explicit content. His classmates Arisa, Hikaru and Miho find out about it and immediately make fun of their classmate – such a scenario would be more than unrealistic! But promptly, a voice sounds from the mobile phone – that of the so-called Ruler. He immediately puts the stunned students into a game from which they can only escape after 100 ejaculations have taken place in the classroom. Is this reality or just the wet dream of a horny boy? 

Abandon -100ヌキしないと出られない不思議な教室-, Abandon: 100 Nuki Shinai to Derarenai Fushigi na Kyoushitsu, Abandon -100 SEX하지 않으면 나올 수없는 이상한 교실

Harem Cult Episode 1 Cover

Harem Cult

Blue bread, Queen Bee
4 episodes · OVA Completed ハーレム・カルト

High school student Shouko Shimura is a member of the photography club at her school. Though, she uses her camera more for naughty things than for her club activities. In order to earn some spare change, she films her classmates in very private and often even embarrassing moments, only to blackmail them.

Yuichi Tatsumi also eventually becomes one of her victims. But before he can even mourn his money, Hajime Hatorishima, the president of the disciplinary committee, appears in front of him. She asks him to come with her, so together, the two go to Hajime’s home. However, he would not have thought that he would find a tied-up Shouko there … and she will not be the last girl Yuichi has the honour to please.

ハーレム・カルト, Harem Cult, 하렘・컬트

Inkou Kyoushi no Sai Seikatsu Shidouroku Episode 1 Poster

Inkou Kyoushi no Sai* Seikatsu Shidouroku

2 episodes · OVA Completed Records of a Guidance Counselor's Hypnotic Sex Life, 淫行教師の催○セイ活指導録

One day, a teacher finds a mysterious notebook that can force someone to compel under the pretext of “guidance”. However, to do this, the owner has to write his wish in the notebook and show the writing to the person he wants to command. But there is one precondition: the notebook can only be used for sexual acts. In order to test out the book, the teacher tells a lie to his students, Megumi Fujimiya and Yayoi Tachibana. The compulsory subject “sex guidance” has been introduced, and a teacher must take care of them to prepare them for the future – after all, the two are supposed to make good partners one day! The two girls, under the influence of the notebook, take their teacher’s word for it. And so he begins to explain to them how to use condoms, what a “creampie” is, and how they can satisfy their future husband in a different way …

淫行教師の催○セイ活指導録, Inkou Kyoushi no Saimin Seikatsu Shidouroku, Inkou Kyoushi no Saimin Seikatsu Shidouroku, 淫行教師の催眠セイ活指導録, 음행교사의 최면생활 지도록

Isekai Yarisaa Episode 1 Poster

Isekai Yarisaa

2 episodes · OVA Completed 異世界ヤリサー

A hook-up group of five young students have always used one “trick” in their world to get women to sleep with them: alcohol. They always bottled up the ladies in order to make them defenceless and horny. They could then exploit this state to do anything they wanted with them. Now they have died in an accident and have been teleported to another world, where they meet a cheeky female warrior. It surely is certain … She is going to be their first victim to see whether this trick also works in this world. And indeed: it works! With the priestess Elena, the archer Kirie and the mage Sonia the next targets for the “trick” are chosen as well. However, these three ladies will not be the last victims …

異世界♂ヤリサー, Isekai Yarisaa, 異世界ヤリサー, 이세계 따먹기 서클, Isekai YariCir

Kaede to Suzu The Animation Episode 1 Cover

Love Me: Kaede to Suzu The Animation

Studio 1st
2 episodes · OVA Completed らぶみー『楓と鈴』 THE ANIMATION

One day, Kaede, the student council president, is called to the club room after class by her twin sister Suzu. Confused, she meets the secretary of the student council, Hayato. As her sister has not given them any instructions, they do not know what to do now. However, there is a strange box with a hole in front of them. Without further ado, Kaede decides to reach in to see what it is all about. But it soon turns out that it was just a trap set by her sister … and her hands are now tied to the table with a rope! Of course Hayato doesn’t need to be told twice …

But this new, tricky love triangle doesn’t end that day. Suzu catches her sister in the middle of pleasuring herself – and of course she records it all with her smartphone! This gives her something to use as “leverage” against Kaede. After all, she wants to have fun with her sweet sister in the Maid Café at the Summer School Festival.

楓と鈴 THE ANIMATION, Kaede to Suzu The Animation, Kaede and Suzu THE ANIMATION, らぶみーTHE ANIMATION, 카에데와 스즈 THE ANIMATION

Otaku ni Yasashii Gal toka Kyonyuu no Osananajimi toka Episode 1 Poster

Otaku ni Yasashii Gal toka, Kyonyuu no Osananajimi toka.

Blue bread
2 episodes · OVA Completed An Otaku-Friendly Gal, or a Childhood Friend with Big Breasts, オタクに優しいギャルとか、巨乳の幼なじみとか。

High school student Yui Tachibana loses a game she played with her friends. Now she is to receive a penalty. However, in order to carry out this punishment, the girls need a certain “thing”: their classmate Shougo Kageura, a weird otaku boy. Yui is supposed to take Shougo‘s virginity as punishment. What’s more, in front of all her friends! They climax rather quickly, though Yui can’t get Shougo out of her mind – especially his beautiful, perfect-sized cock. Soon, this “one-time punishment” turns into more …

オタクに優しいギャルとか、巨乳の幼なじみとか。, Otaku ni Yasashii Gal toka, Kyonyuu no Osananajimi toka., Otaku ni Yasashii Gyaru toka, Kyonyuu no Osananajimi ka, 오타쿠에게 상냥한 갸루라든지, 거유의 소꿉친구라든지

Yamitsuki Mura Melty Limit The Animation Episode 1 Poster

Yamitsuki Mura: Melty Limit The Animation

2 episodes · OVA Completed 闇憑村/めるてぃーりみっと The Animation

A village where men disappear without a trace – that is exactly the place that ethnologist Koutarou visits for his next project. He wants to find out what this ominous legend is all about. Luckily for him, he meets the woman Shizuka, who seems to be the only one who is friendly towards him. She offers him to stay with her for the night, which he gladly accepts. However, his peaceful sleep is soon interrupted: the succubus Ouka wakes him up in a very erotic way. Almost all night long the two have sex … it is only the next morning that he notices the mysterious mark on his body. He soon learns what it means: he has been marked as a “victim” and now all his life energy is to be sucked out of him through sexual acts. But even Renge, the exorcist he hires to help him, is not who she claims to be …

闇憑村/めるてぃーりみっと The Animation, Yamitsuki Mura: Melty Limit The Animation, 중독촌 – 메테리리미트 The Animation