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Autumn 2012

MIMK 009 Poster

[MIMK-009] Crimson x Moody’s Collaboration Project Female Undercover Agent Maria – Oohashi Miku

1 episodes · Movie Completed クリムゾン×ムーディーズ コラボ作品 女潜入捜査官マリア 大橋未久

Moody’s 12th anniversary special project! Miku Ohashi will be making an emergency appearance in the second Crimson collaboration! Maria Kagami, who combines all of her strength, intelligence, and beauty, was raised by the president as the best masterpiece since the beginning of the special forces. However, at the place where she is undercover, she has to play the role of a “weak, ordinary woman” as instructed by her boss, and without being able to use her own strength at all, she is subjected to obscene sexual harassment one after another…

Maria is unable to resist as she is under orders from the president, and is toyed with as she pleases by ordinary people who normally could have conquered her in an instant. She is given pleasure without being able to do anything, and as her obscene words continue to be thrown at her, she becomes confused and begins to lose sight of herself… And Maria…! !