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Sping 2015

EYAN 012 Poster

[EYAN-012] Royal Bitch Garden – A live-action adaptation of a powerful bitch married woman comic depicting meat and body fluids! Hasumi Kurea

1 episodes · Movie Completed ロイヤルビッチガーデン 肉感と体液をド迫力で描き切った豪快ビッチ人妻コミックを完全実写化! 蓮実クレア

Tetsu Aoyama’s extreme comic “Royal Bitch Garden,” which depicts an adulterous bitchy married woman whose sexual desires are never satisfied, has been adapted to live-action by popular lascivious actress Claire Hasumi! The secret of ‘Himehana’, the new wife of the married brother, is that she is a slutty bitch who can’t get enough of being fucked by many men. The brother ‘Boku’ is in agony all by himself. Then, his sister-in-law begins to target ‘Boku’ and they have a forbidden relationship!