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Spring 2024

EBWH 064 Poster

[EBWH-064] Surrounded by busty adventurers with issues and problems, I indulge in sex!?

1 episodes · Movie Completed 訳あり・問題ありの巨乳冒険者たちに囲まれてセックス三昧!? 女性ばかりのパーティにヒーラーの僕が加入した結果 実写版 異世界ハーレム漫画を初映像化!!

Emil is a healer who saves Sephiora, an adventurer, from debt collectors.
She is so thankful that she gives him a titjob in a back alley, and then they have violent sex.
After that, he joins her party, where more crazy sex adventures await him.
Inspired by the doujin of “Josei Bakari no Party ni Healer no Boku ga Kanyuu Shita Kekka”.

FJIN 014 Poster

[FJIN-014] Live-action version of a beautiful teacher in the thrall of shame -Tsukino Kasumi

FunCity / Mousozoku
1 episodes · Movie Completed 実写版 美人教師は羞恥の虜 月野かすみ

Sumire Mizusaki is usually a serious teacher. Her interest in exposure was awakened when she encountered a female exhibitionist after school…. She never forgets the excitement she felt when she was photographed naked as a model, so she follows the photographer’s orders to expose herself…

In total 7 scenes, they writhe in shame and pleasure in the classroom and library!
01.Spending her days as a serious teacher
02.Sex with a stranger at a nude photo shoot
03.Shameful order to teach without pants or bra!
Naked exposure in school according to the extreme order
05.Public masturbation in front of men in the library
06.losing a volleyball match
07. shameful orgy sex in the classroom!

fjin 018 poster

[FJIN-018] Live-action version Beautiful teacher is a shame prisoner Arioka Miu

FunCity / Mousozoku
1 episodes · Movie Completed 実写版 美人教師は羞恥の虜 有岡みう

A girl who met an exhibitionist on the train inspired her to expose herself on campus… Unable to control her habit of exposure, she devours the pleasure of shame on the train with a look of lasciviousness on her face…

HUNTC 184 Poster

[HUNTC-184] The House Where Only I Can’t Have Sex: Jisshaban Misono Kazuka Kuraki Shiori

1 episodes · Movie Completed ぼくだけがセックスできない家 実写版 美園和花 倉木しおり

Long-awaited original collaboration with popular doujin circle “Misaki” author “Karu Benimura! Aizawa-san, who is a bit girly but cheerful and flirty, and Honda-san, who is serious but kind and an honor student, visit my house for a group assignment. After finishing the assignment, we decided to play a game and had a good time with Aizawa-san, who was very flirtatious, and Honda-san, who was surprisingly fond of games, but..,

MIMK 146 Poster

[MIMK-146] Big-tits pharmacist 24-hour drugstore – Kusunoki-san – Original: Napori-tan! Minna Kitano

1 episodes · Movie Completed 24Hドラッグストアの巨乳薬剤師 薬乃木さん 原作:ナポりたん 累計17万部超え!超大ヒット原作をついに実写化! 北野未奈

The protagonist, who suffers from erectile dysfunction due to work stress, has not fapped in 3 weeks.
He visits a 24-hour pharmacy to buy some sexual potency pills. However, because the medication is very strong, he had to be examined and questioned by Kusunoki, the hot pharmacist who works at the store.
During the interrogation, she tells him that she also suffers from the same stress issues, only that, unlike him, work stress makes her very horny.
She then proceeds to give him the big tits treatment, which works better than any pills.

MIMK 147 Poster

[MIMK-147] How to break a dark-hearted woman -President Kuriko Hirai’s case- Live-action version Thoroughly raping the lowest, worst evil woman! Rape! Rape!! Rape!!!

1 episodes · Movie Completed 腹黒女の壊しかた ~生徒会長・平井栗子の場合~ 実写版 最低最悪のクズ性悪女を徹底的にレ×プ!レ×プ!!レ×プ!!!

The protagonist is a young man who entered a school that used to be only for women.
The admission of this new student is not to the liking of the student council president, so she sends her lackeys to harass him.
With morale very low due to the constant harassment, the young man sees an opportunity to take revenge and rapes the scumbag woman.

mimk 149 poster

[MIMK-149] P-activity girl falls for dick as nasty evil woman sucks the dick

1 episodes · Movie Completed P活女子がち●ぽにおちるまで おじさんを舐め腐った性悪女がドストライクち●ぽにメス堕ち

Pico-tan is a cheerful girl with a boyfriend, but she also has a hidden side.
She is convinced by a man who will pay her 20,000 yen to watch him masturbate. While doing so, she compares the man’s penis with her boyfriend’s, realizing that her boyfriend’s is much bigger.
However, everything changes after she plays with the smaller penis as gets incredibly excited.

MIMK 151 Poster

[MIMK-151] Original work: Konoshiro Shinshin [Expressionless x Cool assault] – Next-door student Mamiya – Fulfilling a man’s desires

1 episodes · Movie Completed 原作:コノシロしんこ【無表情×クール攻め】 隣の席の間宮さん-実写版- クールな巨乳美少女がエッチに迫る男の願望と欲望を叶える甘々で蕩ける極上セックス

Mamiya is a beautiful and very popular high school girl who always rejects all the men who confess their love to her.
Although she is not interested in love, her classmate Nakui fantasizes about touching her big tits. Nakui ends up saying that out loud and Mamiya happens to heard him.
Unexpectedly, some time later Mamiya shows him her big tits during class…

mimk00152jp 1

[MIMK-152] The excitement of having sex with a girl you don’t even like: live-action version

1 episodes · Movie Completed 実写版 好きじゃない娘とセッ〇スした方が 興奮する説 (BOD)

The protagonist, Jun, receives a love confession from Yuki, a younger classmate from school.
Although he has no intention of falling in love with her, he agrees to go out with her, and they even have sex.
From there, they start a purely sexual relationship that gradually becomes more romantic…

mimk 153 poster

[MIMK-153] Surrender to a flashy guy! A frustrated female manager is threatened by part-time workers for 24 hours sex! Mizuki Yayoi

1 episodes · Movie Completed チャラ男に屈服!イライラ女店長がバイトに脅され24時間セックス営業!実写版 弥生みづき

Chihiro Maki is a talented convenience store manager who suffers from envy and disrespect from her male colleagues and superiors, as well as part-time workers.

One day, after closing the store, she sees some coworkers having sex in the office. Instead of reporting them, Maki masturbated with the dirty condom they left behind.

A few days later, she attends a company party and gets drunk, and this is when the part-time workers get the best of her.

From that day on, they manage to gradually defeat her strong will and turn her into a sex sl*ve.

Good edition.

mimk 158 poster

[MIMK-158] Buzzed on SNS! The popular Pochitaro is finally adapted into a live-action film! The story of a neighbor coming to borrow a penis – Live-action version – Azu Amatsuki

1 episodes · Movie Completed SNSでもバズった!ぽちたろ原作を遂に実写化! 隣人がち〇ぽ借りに来る話-実写版- 天月あず

The protagonist is a 33-year-old nerd and workaholic who has never had a girlfriend or any prospects of getting one.

His life takes a turn when his promiscuous neighbor, Azu, who used to satisfy herself through masturbation, starts looking for any man with a functional penis.

mimk 159 poster

[MIMK-159] “Shall I help you masturbate?” – Live-action version – Itsukaichi Mei

1 episodes · Movie Completed アタシがヌいてあげよっか?-実写版- 原作:暗中模索 即10,000部突破の快作! 五日市芽依

The protagonist allows his brother and his family to live in his house for a while.
Despite his kindness, he suffers every night as he overhears his brother having sex with his wife, leaving him feeling sexually frustrated.
One day, Hikari, his niece, offers help to console him by masturbating him, and this marks the beginning of an incestuous relationship.

MUDR 250 Poster

[MUDR-250] MIZUMI SHOJO 1&2 A middle-aged teacher with dull, chimerical glasses sleep-rapes a beautiful girl in uniform with big tits. Konatsu Kashiwagi

1 episodes · Movie Completed 水蜜少女 1&2 冴えないキモデブメガネの中年教師が巨乳制服美少女を睡眠姦。 柏木こなつ

Mika and her friends often joke about teacher Sugai’s appearance and personality.

But one night things got real after Sugai finds Mika alone and During a dinner Mika gets drunk on the teacher’s beer, and the teacher has sex with the student.

MUDR 251 Poster

[MUDR-251] Honey-like Girls 3 4 5 – A classic erotic doujinshi illustrating the awakening sexuality of a pubescent uniformed busty girl, magnificently concluding! Konatsu Kashiwagi

1 episodes · Movie Completed 水蜜少女 3 4 5 多感な制服巨乳少女が性に目覚めて積極的になっていく姿を描いたエロ同人誌の金字塔・堂々完結! 柏木こなつ

After Mika is raped by her teacher Abe, her sexual desire awakens and she spends much of the summer vacation fucking with this middle-aged man.

MUDR 252 Poster

[MUDR-252] A former introverted big-breasted slutty sister is too erotic! Life with a big-breasted blonde gal slutty sister who loves brother – Anna Hanayagi

1 episodes · Movie Ongoing 元陰キャの巨乳ヤリマン妹がエロすぎて、お兄ちゃんはもう…!! 実写版 ヤリマンだけどお兄ちゃんのことが大好きな金髪ギャルで巨乳の妹と生姦中出しヤリまくり! 花柳杏奈

Natsuki is a lonely nerd high school girl who becomes popular on the internet after posting some erotic selfies online.

With this confidence boost, she begins dating many men for sex, leaving her old life behind to become a nymphomaniac gal admired for her photos.

But her life takes a turn when her older brother Shouta crosses a line and has sex with her, asking her to stop her internet promiscuity life.

mudr 255 poster

[MUDR-255] Female ninja training Fallen female ninja – live-action version – Waka Misono

1 episodes · Movie Completed 女忍調教 忍堕とし~実写版~ 美園和花

A faction manages to capture a significant enemy: a ninja girl named Ayame, considered the strongest in Japan.
The boss issues an order to train the bitch to make her switch sides.

mudr 265 poster

[MUDR-265] Mesugaki Rina-chan, a flat-chested girl calls me “Loser NTR pathetic dick!” Insulted, I passionately creampied her! Kana Yura

1 episodes · Movie Completed メスガキリナちゃん つるぺた少女に『負け犬NTRザコチ〇ポ!』 と罵られた逆上チ〇ポで中出し三昧! 由良かな

The protagonist, Kentaro, was dumped and divorced by his wife after she found out about his interest in Loli porn.
After losing the house, he moves in with his uncle.
The irony of destiny brings him into close contact with Rina, the supposed uncle’s daughter, who is actually the devil in disguise.

NIMA 026 Poster

[NIMA-026] It has to be you, mother!! 1 & 2 – Over 220k downloads! The shocking “mother-son incest” definitive edition! Kanna Misaki

1 episodes · Movie Completed 実写版!母さんじゃなきゃダメなんだっ!!1&2 シリーズ累計22万DL超え!衝撃の「母子相姦」決定版! 美咲かんな

Yuichi has an insatiable desire for his mother, one which grows day by day. When his father leaves on a business trip, Yuichi is no longer able to suppress that desire and sneaks into his mother’s bedroom late at night…

nima 028 poster

[NIMA-028] Erase the past, unending pleasure – Taken advantage of the clean-breasted beloved wife! Takeda Reika

1 episodes · Movie Completed 実写版!消したい過去、消えぬ快楽~寝取られる最愛の清楚爆乳妻~ シリーズ累計13万DL超えの大ヒット作品! 武田怜香

Eimi is a housewife who one day went to pick up her drunk husband at an izakaya bar, but she runs into an old college classmate.
Although she didn’t want to, she was forced to meet him.
During her meeting, he blackmails her into telling her husband the truth about all the kinky things she did at her old club if they don’t become her lovers again…

nima 031 poster

[NIMA-031] Live-action version! Betrayed busty childhood friend wife. Honma Yuri

1 episodes · Movie Completed 実写版!寝取られた爆乳幼なじみ妻あかね 本真ゆり

Akane reunites with her childhood friend Hiroki, who has fallen on hard times, and he moves in with her and her husband, Takeo.
One night, Hiroki reveals he now produces adult videos and confesses his past sexual experiences with Akane, leading to their affair.
Akane and Hiroki hit it again with a fresh affair despite her marriage.
Honma Yuri what a queen, the fresh suntan fits her perfectly.

RKI 661 Poster

[RKI-661] Local friends. ‘Classmate Nurse K. Intense Nursing with a Busty Nurse in a Private Room! Satsuki Mei, Tachibana Yuuka

1 episodes · Movie Completed 地元のハメ友。「同級生の看護師K」 今日の体調を膣内で診断してくれるシゴデキ巨乳ナースと個室で生ハメ生中出し! さつき芽衣

After a car accident, Hajime ends up hospitalized. At the hospital, he is taken care of by Kaori, his former sex buddy from school.

rki 667 poster

[RKI-667] Won’t you join the doujin circle? I am the only man in a share house of all otaku. I spend every day having sex with busty beauties!

1 episodes · Movie Completed 同人サークル入りませんか? 全員オタクのシェアハウスで男はボク1人。毎日爆乳美女たちとヤリまくり!

The protagonist is an amateur doujinshi author who gets invited to live in a house for mangakas.

And to his surprise, it turns out that all the women in the house are women:

The housemates are an erotic mangaka, a hentai seiyuu, and an erocosplayer. And they’re all female perverts.

SORA 518 Poster

[SORA-518] Live-action Student Council President is a Genuine Exhibitionist – Aiga Mizuki

Yama To Sora
1 episodes · Movie Completed 実写版 生徒会長は真性露出狂 藍芽みずき

Fusuka Kimishima, the student body president, is an exhibitionist. When her classmates find out that she has been exposing herself inside the school, she is not satisfied with public exposure in the library and gym…

Seeking the limit of shame, they expose their nakedness in public and writhe in humiliation…
#01Forbidden exposure in school
#02Forbidden sex in school after being discovered by classmates
#03Naked masturbation in the library
#04Servicing multiple dicks in the gym in the nude
#05Public sex in front of classmates

sora 530 poster

[SORA-530] Live-action version: The Student Council President is a true exhibitionist, Wakui Mito

Yama To Sora
1 episodes · Movie Completed 実写版 生徒会長は真性露出狂 和久井美兎

Fusuka Kimishima, the student council president, is an exhibitionist. When a teacher finds out that she has been exposing herself inside the school after school, she does as she is told and exposes herself naked in the open air. Seeking even more shame and pleasure, she confesses to being an exhibitionist in front of her students…

URE 105 Poster

[URE-105] “Father-in-Law – Hiromi’s Afternoon” – Ultimate married woman humiliation training comic is a live-action once again – Ohana Non

1 episodes · Movie Completed 究極の人妻羞恥調教コミックが専属・小花のんで再び実写化!! 中華なると原作 義父 ~裕美の昼下がり~

We revisit the classic “Hiromi’s Afternoon” one more time. Previous editions: URE-037 and URE-067.

In the plot, the perverse father-in-law becomes obsessed with Hiromi (Ohana Non) and devises a complicated plan to gaslight her into having an affair with him.

It worked so well that he then proceeds to train her in the fine art of being a slut, as she descends into creampie madness.

Ohana Non does well here but has huge shoes to fill, as Nishino Sho delivered perfection in URE-037.

Also, it’s good to see Ozawa and Saeyama still keep the roles. 6 years later.

All in all, enjoyable.

ure 106 poster

[URE-106] Temptation of a Nearby Woman. Congratulations! Sayuri Hayama’s 1st Anniversary Debut! Hayama Sayuri

1 episodes · Movie Completed 祝!!葉山さゆりデビュー1周年記念!!熟れコミコラボ!! 原作:灰司 近女誘惑 ママ編

Mari is a housewife who lives with her son, Minoru. After being divorced for many years, her sexual dissatisfaction leads her to have an affair with her son’s uncle.
However, Minoru discovers their secret relationship.
Upon witnessing this shocking infidelity, Minoru begins to feel sexually attracted to his mother and comes up with a plan to impersonate his uncle and convince Mari to engage in video sex calls with him.
The plan works well, but Minoru isn’t satisfied yet.
His next plan is to persuade his mother to go to a love hotel wearing a mask for a steamy encounter with “her lover.” However, when Mari arrives at the hotel, she discovers that it is actually Minoru who shows up… nevertheless, he ends up losing his virginity… to his own mother!
Powerful stuff. Madonna shows everybody else how to do proper hentai collabs.

boku ni harem sefri ga dekita riyuu episode 1 poster 1

Boku ni Harem Sexfriend ga Dekita Riyuu

? episodes · OVA Ongoing OVA 僕にハーレムセフレが出来た理由

Three girls from Nanashi’s class are infatuated with him, making him feel uncomfortable yet excited. After the girls seduce him at his house, Nanashi becomes involved in a sexual experience with them.

僕にハーレムセフレが出来た理由, Boku ni Harem Sexfriend ga Dekita Riyuu, Boku ni Harem SeFri ga Dekita Riyuu, Boku ni Harem Sefure ga Dekita Riyuu

Dearest Blue Episode 1 Poster

Dearest Blue

? episodes · OVA Ongoing ディアレストブルー

Rio and Mamoru, childhood friends with a complicated relationship and mutual feelings, find themselves in a confusing situation. Rio accidentally becomes an idol after participating in a beauty contest. Mamoru discovers that Rio is the “sacrifice”, the prize in a game where influential people participate to obtain her. To protect Rio, Mamoru enters the game as both a participant and an employee but cannot reveal the truth to her. Despite his efforts, reality will soon catch up with him. In a desperate moment, Rio, completely vulnerable and naked, reaches out for help, but Mamoru cannot reach her.

Dearest Blue, ディアレストブルー

haramaseya the animation episode 1 poster

Haramaseya The Animation

? episodes · TV Ongoing 孕ませ屋 THE ANIMATION

Haramaseya revolves around Terada Akito, a man with “super sperm” capable of impregnating any woman. Akito is hired by a sperm bank to impregnate its clients, with the first being Kumi Iijima, a woman unable to conceive due to her husband’s azoospermia.

孕ませ屋 THE ANIMATION, Haramaseya The Animation

kateikyoushi x 2 the animation episode 1 poster

Kateikyoushi x ** 2 The Animation

Anime Antenna Iinkai
? episodes · OVA Ongoing 家庭教師X◯◯2 The Animation

Masato seeks revenge against the Shinjo sisters using a mind control device. Unaware, Haruna wears a collar that turns out to be the device. When activated, her actions are controlled. Masato enjoys manipulating them, and Serina also falls under his control. Together, Haruna and Serina immerse themselves in a world of pleasure as sex slaves.

家庭教師X○○2 The Animation, Kateikyoushi x ** 2 The Animation, Kateikyoushi x Saimin 2 The Animation, 家庭教師X催眠2 The Animation, Katei Kyoushi x Saimin 2 The Animation

konomi ja nai kedo mukatsuku ane to aishou batsugun ecchi episode 1 poster

Konomi ja Nai kedo: Mukatsuku Ane to Aishou Batsugun Ecchi

New Generation
? episodes · OVA Ongoing 好みじゃないけど-ムカつく姉と相性抜群エッチ-

Ritsu and Kyouya Mayama are teenage siblings who constantly argue. However, their lives change when, after an accident, Kyouya enters Ritsu’s room, and the two end up having sex.

好みじゃないけど-ムカつく姉と相性抜群エッチ-, Konomi ja Nai kedo: Mukatsuku Ane to Aishou Batsugun Ecchi

Kyonyuu Onna Shikan Sennou Saimin Episode 1 Poster 1

Kyonyuu Onna Shikan Sennou Saimin

Ryuu M's
2 episodes · OVA Ongoing 巨乳女士官・洗脳催眠

Using a hypnosis device that he accidentally obtained, he corrupts the big-breasted female officers…! This assault reconnaissance ship Cheval has a secret… Aaron sniffs out rumors of [reducing the number of people] and accidentally discovers a [brainwashing hypnosis system] during his investigation. Knowing that people who are hooked on this hypnotic switch will listen to any commands, he brainwashes his female boss to find out the mystery, immerses her in pleasure, and tames her! The big-breasted female officers on the ship obey his command and perform forbidden personal training and guidance…!

巨乳女士官洗脳催眠, Kyonyuu Onna Shikan Sennou Saimin, OVA 巨乳女士官洗脳催眠, OVA Kyonyuu Onna Shikan Sennou Saimin

Midareuchi Episode 1 Poster 1


? episodes · OVA Upcoming みだれうち

Kaori, the ace of the tennis club, just went to see her junior who has not been showing up at the tennis club recently… After her boyfriend, Masaya, shows Kaori to Ami’s home, she finds Ami sucking a man’s cock. Ami’s sexfriend Ryou attacks Kaori and she loses her virginity. She calls out to Masaya for help, but her voice does not reach him… Ami has a stimulant that increases Kaori’s sensitivity and she falls into a pleasure she has never experienced before.

みだれうち, MidareUchi

mugoku no kuni no alice episode 1 poster 1

Mugoku no Kuni no Alice

? episodes · OVA Upcoming 夢獄の国のアリス

Alice, a shy and loving girl to her older sister, suddenly finds herself in an unknown room separated from her sister, which deeply worries her. Determined to find her, Alice faces strange creatures and deadly traps in the room. She must be careful, as one mistake could mean losing her sister forever. Can Alice find her sister safe and sound?

夢獄の国のアリス, Mugoku no Kuni no Alice, Yume Goku no Kuni no Alice, Alice in the Nightmare Land, Alice in the Land of Dreams, Alice in the Land of Dream Prison

NocturnaL Episode 1 Poster


Blue bread
? episodes · OVA Ongoing NocturnaL

Etou, a fat and unattractive student, has feelings for Sayako, his popular and friendly classmate. While wandering at night, he sees Sayako being harassed by some men. Initially reluctant to get involved, he ends up helping his classmate. However, when they are safe, Etou realizes that Sayako is very different from the one at school. The truth is, she has a dual personality; during the day, she’s a modest and kind student, but during the night she is a vulgar girl with a lot of sexual desire. Now that they are both alone, Sayako shows her lust and fucks Etou.

Ojisan de Umeru Ana The Animation Episode 1 Poster

Ojisan de Umeru Ana The Animation

? episodes · OVA Ongoing おじさんで埋める穴 THE ANIMATION

Kaede is a schoolgirl who doesn’t want to have a boyfriend, the only thing she is interested in is having sex, but not with just any guy, but with a middle-aged man. Kaede finally fulfills her sexual fantasy when she makes love to a man she barely knows.

おじさんで埋める穴 THE ANIMATION, Ojisan de Umeru Ana The Animation, Ojisan de Umeru Ana: Team☆Lucky Sakuhinshuu

1710773656 3448 141114

Rennyuu Order The Animation

Studio 1st
1 episodes · OVA Upcoming 恋乳オーダー ~おかわり~ THE ANIMATION

One day, the hero, Takayuki, who lives alone in Japan, away from his parents in a distant country on an archaeological dig, is suddenly visited by the brown heroine Sasha, the princess of the mysterious country of Al Fajar. She is carrying a letter from his father, which says that Sasha has become Takayuki’s wife. Takayuki is puzzled, but Sasha immediately asks him to marry her so that she can give him an heir.

恋乳オーダー ~おかわり~ THE ANIMATION, Rennyuu Order The Animation

Ruins Seeker Episode 1 Poster 1

Ruins Seeker

? episodes · OVA Ongoing ルインズシーカー

No synopsis information has been adQuem Quaeritis, a young adventurer, pursues the dream of being the first to conquer the Heaven’s Ladder dungeon, known for being the most challenging of all.
However, two shocking events disrupt her path: a demon attacks her, unleashing sexyal desires, and she encounters a mysterious woman who could completely change her destiny.

ルインズシーカー, Ruins Seeker, Nup Ryu no Sato, ぬぷ竜の里ded to this title. Help improve our database by adding a synopsis here.

shuumatsu hospital episode 1 poster 1

Shuumatsu Hospital

? episodes · OVA Ongoing 終末ホスピタル

Misuzu Akao works the night shift at a hospital. Coincidentally, during her shift, emergency calls from patients are very frequent. This strange situation raises suspicions among her colleagues, Rika Souhama and Mie Nakamaru. One night, Rika follows Akao to discover what’s happening, and she is stunned to see what’s going on in the private room where Mie’s fiancé is located.

終末ホスピタル, Shuumatsu Hospital

Succubus Connect Episode 1 Poster 1

Succubus ★ Connect!

? episodes · OVA Ongoing サキュバス★コネクト!

Yuina, a girl in love with her non-biological brother, lives tormented by her lack of self-confidence. One day, she is guided to an unknown world by a mysterious voice. Without understanding what is happening, she is attacked by a man. In that desperate moment, she is saved by the specter of a succubus that possesses her body. The succubus defeats all enemies by fucking them, regardless of what happens to Yuina’s body and mind.

Thus begins the adventures of Yuina, an insecure girl in an unknown world, “connected” to a perverted succubus.

サキュバス★コネクト, Succubus Connect!

woman cheats on husband with ex boyfriend in tsuma o dousoukai ni ikasetara first ova

Tsuma wo Dousoukai ni Ikasetara

Studio 1st
? episodes · OVA Ongoing 妻を同窓会にいかせたら

Yuri counteracts her husband’s concerns with a loving kiss and heads to the alumni reunion. Among the classmates she reunites with after several years is Tatsuhiko, her ex-boyfriend. Unlike Yuri, who was an exemplary student, Tatsuhiko was more carefree and outgoing. Even today, as he drinks alcohol, he tries to touch Yuri playfully. Although she now has a husband whom she loves, Yuri worries about Tatsuhiko, who continues drinking without concern for the consequences. As Tatsuhiko keeps drinking without listening to Yuri’s advice, he begins to feel unwell. Yuri can’t leave Tatsuhiko alone and accompanies him to the bathroom, supporting him on her shoulder. However, as soon as they reach the bathroom, Tatsuhiko closes the door and begins to touch Yuri’s breasts. Tatsuhiko had been pretending to be drunk to take advantage of the opportunity to be alone with Yuri.

妻を同窓会にいかせたら, Tsuma wo Dousoukai ni Ikasetara