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Winter 2016/17

Shikkoku no Shaga The Animation Episode 1 Cover

Shikkoku no Shaga The Animation

3 episodes · OVA Completed 漆黒のシャガ THE ANIMATION

Towards the end of the Heian period, a powerful yokai named Shaga lives in the forests near Mount Kurama. At the age of 330, she feels that something should change in her life, which is completely incomprehensible to her younger sister Ayame. When the young Ushiwakamaru is pursued by assassins of the Heike clan in the forest, Shaga decides to intervene in favour of Ushiwakamaru. Shaga wants to support the people and yokai in need. The god of the forest gives her permission to leave the forest and embark on a new path in life. Ushiwakamaru’s mother asks Shaga to escort her son to Hiraizumi in Oshu. Thus begins the great adventure! 

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