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Autumn 2023

EBWH 005 Poster

[EBWH-005] I, a Fat Guy, Was Able to Have a Harem of Tall Gal Girls and Lose Weight with Sex as a Reward Story

1 episodes · Movie Completed デブから始めるステキな日常 ~実写版~ デブの俺がエロをご褒美にダイエットさせられ高身長ギャル達と筆おろしハーレムできた話

3 gal sluts from the same classroom lament the lack of handsome boys in their classroom.
However, they conclude that a classmate, Ayase Harumi, could have a lot of potential if he wasn’t such a fatass.
And so, they decide to polish this fat diamond, giving him exercise routines and sexual rewards…
In the aftermath, he becomes an alpha male with 6-pack abs… that keeps the sluts to be part of his personal harem.

MIMK 138

[MIMK-138] A Story about Letting a Freeloading Gal Use My Vagina – Live-Action Version

? episodes · Movie Completed 入り浸りギャルにま○こ使わせて貰う話 実写版

[MOODYZ’s first collaboration with the highly anticipated super-new Circle Amamami Honpo]

Digital doujin sales exceed 150,000 copies! It is sure to wake you up to a new sensation of downer x no reaction fetishism, which is familiar from advertisements! A gal who spends her time at an otaku house reading manga. Even if you act arrogant, otakus don’t care. Because… “I’ll let you use my pussy”! While you’re at home, if you get horny, it’s OK to cum right away! “Huh… again?” she says, but her pussy is exposed! I thought it was a tuna, but it gradually turned into heat due to the persistent piston! Forget about the manga and rape the otaku in reverse and get extremely excited! Eh… even cum inside! ! ? A live-action version of the masterpiece of the new era!

[MIMK-138] 入り浸りギャルにま○こ使わせて貰う話 実写版 , A Story about Letting a Freeloading Gal Use My Vagina – Live-Action Version

MIMK 140

[MIMK-140] Live-Action Version – And Today, I’ll Be Eaten by That Man Again. Adaptation of the Original “Rokumaru-So” – NTR × Worst Teacher

1 episodes · Movie Completed 実写版 そして私は今日もあの男に食べられる 原作ろくまる荘 25万部売上×NTR×最低教師×SEX漬け 白花のん

[Original work by Rokumaruso, which sold 250,000 copies, is a live-action version of the classic NTR work of the highest quality!]

She is a good-looking person who is good at both literary and military arts, an honor student, and has a boyfriend. Haruna Aisaka was living her perfect life, but she was swayed by her worst teacher who made fun of her sexual intercourse, which was tolerated by the school. She resists in vain and hides the fact that her boyfriend took her virginity, but she is tormented by guilt. And when Haruna was finally married to her boyfriend, what flashed through her mind was the pleasure of having sex with that worst, worst teacher… Her emotions are falling apart, her moral values are going crazy, and her mind is becoming stupid because she’s only thinking about sex… Everything about her life up until now changes slowly and suddenly…

実写版 そして私は今日もあの男に食べられる 原作ろくまる荘 25万部売上×NTR×最低教師×SEX漬け 白花のん, 実写版 そして私は今日もあの男に食べられる, And Today I’ll Be Eaten by That Man Again

MUDR 225 Poster

[MUDR-225] A Young Girl Came To Have Sex With Me! Summer Of Sex With My Sugar Daddy’s Cousin

? episodes · Movie Completed メスガキがヤッてきたっ!! パパ活女子の従妹とセックス三昧の夏 松本いちか

Ichika is an ill-mannered young lady who is well-used to having paid dates with much older men.

Now, while on a visit to family, she extorts money from her cousin Takeshi in exchange for sexual favors.

Ichika is so amazing, and the cousin sex intensified so fast. The video is pretty nice.

The original doujin is called: メスガキがヤってきた!! (Mesugaki Ga Yattekita!!) (This young girl came to have sex with me!).

NIMA 022 Poster

[NIMA-022] All The Reasons of Why You Shouldn’t Turn Your Wife Into A Prostitute Live-action Version! NTR Masterpiece!

1 episodes · Movie Completed 妻を風俗嬢にしてはならないこれだけの理由 実写版!! 陰鬱で艶めかしい背徳NTR傑作!!

Auntie Tachibana Mary is returning home late every day. Uncle gets suspicions and summons nephew Hiroki, an unemployed college dropout, to help investigate.

Hiroki, the protagonist, is also very curious to know what’s happening and proceeds to follow Auntie.

He finally discovers that she is working in a whoreshop, with the bunny attire and all.

A dreamy outcome since he will fulfill his Auntie crush via creampie.

URE 101 Poster

[URE-101] Neighboring Relationship with Aya, The Helicopter Wife – Faithful Live-Action Adaptation by Madonna!

1 episodes · Movie Completed ヘリを となりのあやねさん 隣人と魅惑の肉体関係を卑猥に描いた人気同人をマドンナで忠実実写化!! 新井リマ

Keigo’s life has not been going great, even with his girlfriend.

One day he gets locked out of his apartment and he gets noticed by the hot neighbor Ayane, who pities him.


Ane Jiyoku Tsukushi Nee san no Shitagi Episode 1 Poster

Ane Jiyoku Tsukushi: Nee-san no Shitagi

? episodes · OVA Upcoming 姉辱尽くし ~姉さんの下着~

Emi, the student council president, is a quiet, beautiful, and perfect girl. Her younger sister, Ryuka, enjoys popularity comparable to that of an idol and is always the center of attention. Despite this, their younger brother Mizuki is rather ordinary.

Since childhood, Mizuki has been the target of teasing from Emi and treated demanding by Ryuka. However, his life takes a turn when he enters a romantic relationship. Nevertheless, his spring of love is disrupted when Ema, unable to accept her younger brother’s first love, takes off her clothes and sexually assaults him.

姉辱尽くし ~姉さんの下着~, Ane Jiyoku Tsukushi: Nee-san no Shitagi,Ane Jiyoku Tsukushi, Sister Humiliation ~Sister’s Underwear~

Doukyo Suru Neneki Episode 1 Poster

Doukyo Suru Neneki

King Bee, Mediabank, New Generation
? episodes · OVA Ongoing 同居する粘液

Yuuji Fujiwara had an unlucky life. As a child, he was blamed for a vase he did not break, and he was fired from his job for a colleague’s mistake. At the convenience store where he works part-time, Takamiya, a younger girl, blames him for mistakes made by others. When he returns home in a depressed mood, he is greeted by a strange girl. When Yuuji is puzzled, the girl reveals her true identity. It turns out to be a mucus creature that has been living with him for the past three months. The creature, which speaks human language and can change its shape at will, is in love with Yuuji. Yuuji is not at all pleased with the mucus creature’s affection. In order to attract Yuuji’s attention, the mucus creature changes its shape into Takamiya, the co-worker at his part-time job, and seduces him.

同居する粘液, Doukyo Suru Neneki,coexisting mucus,Mucus Living Together,동거하는 점액

Hatsukoi Zikan Episode 1 Poster

Hatsukoi Jikan

4 episodes · OVA Ongoing 初恋時間.

The maid who serves me is a classmate! Anri is a tsuntsun maid who brings lunch and wakes me up every morning. One day, I forgot my smartphone and returned to my room to find her masturbating on her master’s bed… She demanded sex from me, calling it discipline! We argue with each other, but the first time we have sex overflowing with love, both our bodies and feelings become intoxicated with debauchery. This is a pure love story with a tsundere maid.

初恋時間., Hatsukoi Jikan., OVA Hatsukoi Jikan., OVA 初恋時間., First Love Time.

Kozukuri Ninkatsu Bu Episode 1 Poster

Kozukuri Ninkatsu Bu!

Studio 1st
? episodes · OVA Ongoing 子作り妊活部!

Ao is a well-known otaku among his peers. He and his classmates discuss otaku topics daily, and as a result, he’s never had a girlfriend. Perhaps due to his behavior, his classmates refer to him as “Otaku Boy” instead of his name, which makes him feel isolated, especially by Hanami.

However, Ao also has a dream, to find a good partner and start a family. In school, there’s a club that aims to make that dream come true: The Conception and Motherhood Activities Club, also known as the “Procreation Club.” This is an official school activity supported by the government that promotes pregnancy and family planning among students.

After a selection process, Ao manages to join the club. According to his advisor, there’s a girl who wants to become his partner. But when Sudou enters the club room and sees that girl, he’s stunned. She is Hanami, the same girl who had been cold towards him until now.

子作り妊活部!, Kozukuri Ninkatsu Bu!, Kozukuri Bu!, 아이 만들기 임신부

Mahou Touki Lilustear Episode 1 Poster

Mahou Touki Lilustear

? episodes · OVA Ongoing 魔法闘姫リルスティア

Rin is a shy, ordinary girl, worried because her breasts are slightly bigger than other girls’. One day, she is attacked by an evil organization but saved by Magical Valkyrie Frostia, a magical girl superheroine. When she discovers Frostia’s true identity, Rin joins her as a Magical Valkyrie to fight against evil.

魔法闘姫リルスティア, Mahou Touki Lilustear, Magical Fighting Princess Lilstea

Mihitsu no Koi Episode 1 Poster

Mihitsu no Koi

? episodes · OVA Ongoing 未必の恋

Yunika is a beautiful girl who spends every day adoring her best friend Risa, a calm and reserved schoolgirl. Yunika hates her best friend’s older boyfriend because she thinks he is manipulating her. One day, Yunika witnesses a shocking and obscene scene involving Risa and her boyfriend, which arouses intense emotions in her.

未必の恋, Mihitsu no Koi, unavoidable love, 미필적인 사랑

Night Tail Episode 1 Poster

Night Tail

? episodes · OVA Ongoing ナイトテール

In the deepest stages of sleep, it is possible to reach a paradisiacal plane called “Deep Stratum”, where different people can meet. This place is often plagued by dangerous and lustful sex demons who rob helpless men of their peaceful sleep. Little maid Yoru and her older sister Asahi run a café during the day, but at night, they secretly become powerful warriors who can enter the Deep Stratum and exorcise the sex demons. They don’t exactly lack assignments because the inhabitants of their housing estate increasingly often have dreams in which they have fun with figures that look confusingly similar to Yoru and Asahi …

ナイトテール, Night Tail, 나이트 테일

Sweet and Hot Episode 1 Poster

Sweet and Hot

Blue bread, Mediabank, Queen Bee
? episodes · OVA Ongoing Sweet and Hot

Women are drawn one after another to the smell of the sweat of the shady, chubby guy. The smell of his body odor makes their central nervous system go haywire. Once they smell the smell, they are captivated by the flabby guy, the girls in heat cannot suppress their sexual desire and have sexual intercourse with each other. And everyone keeps asking for semen in her vagina.

Tanetsuke Ojisan to Papakko JD Saimin Seikatsu The Animation Episode 1 Poster

Tanetsuke Ojisan to Papakko JD Saimin Seikatsu The Animation

Studio 1st
1 episodes · OVA Completed 種付おじさんとパパっ子JD催眠生活 The Animation

Karen is good-looking and desired by many students at her university, but the only man she is interested in is her father. She loves to cook for him and take care of him. What she doesn’t know is that her supposed “father” is a con man who hypnotised Karen to have his way with her. Meanwhile, their adventures together become more and more brutal, but once her new master has really overdone it, he can still make her forget everything that happened before at any time …

種付おじさんとパパっ子JD催眠生活 The Animation, Tanetsuke Oji-san to Papakko JD Saimin Seikatsu The Animation, 교배 아저씨와 아빠를 사랑하는 JD최면생활

Tsuma Netori Kan Bijutsu Kyoushi no Baai Episode 1 Poster

Tsuma Netori Kan: Bijutsu Kyoushi no Baai

Teatro Nishi Tokyo Studio
1 episodes · OVA Completed Tsuma Netori Kan: Bijutsu Kyoushi no Baai, 妻ネトリ 姦 美術教師の場合

This story is set when Makoto was a college student about to graduate.

Yurina Suzukaze is a married woman who works as a substitute art teacher at that university. Sakakura, the man who has been romantically interested in Yurina for a while, and Yasuno, devise a plan to sexually subjugate her. Later, Sakakura offers Yurina some tea, and when she drinks it, she starts feeling unwell and faints. When Yurina wakes up, she notices that she is tied completely naked to a chair. Sakakura reveals to her that she was kidnapped and will be sexually trained for two consecutive weeks.

妻ネトリ 姦 美術教師の場合, Tsuma Netori Kan: Bijutsu Kyoushi no Baai, 아내 네토리 간통: 미술 교사의 경우

Tsuma ni Damatte Sokubaikai ni Ikun ja Nakatta Episode 2 Cover

Tsuma ni Damatte Sokubaikai ni Ikun ja Nakatta

2 episodes · OVA Completed I Shouldn't Have Gone To The Doujinshi Convention Without Telling My Wife, 妻に黙って即売会に行くんじゃなかった

Yumiko’s husband always goes on business trips during the Obon and year-end holidays. When Yumiko was feeling lonely and having a hard time with her sexual desire, she found a hentai doujinshi in her husband’s room during his business trip. Her husband, who she thought didn’t have a strong sex drive, has this book… While Yumiko is masturbating and imagining intense sex with her husband like in the doujinshi, a young man who lives in the neighborhood comes up to her and…? Unable to resist the young man’s intense sex, Yumiko is drowned in her own lust…!

妻に黙って即売会に行くんじゃなかった, Tsuma ni Damatte Sokubaikai ni Ikun ja Nakatta, OVA 妻に黙って即売会に行くんじゃなかった, OVA Tsuma ni Damatte Sokubaikai ni Ikun ja Nakatta, 아내 몰래 즉석 판매회에 가지 말았어야 했다