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Autumn 2018

Oyasumi Sex Episode 4 Poster

Oyasumi Sex

Mary Jane, New Generation
4 episodes · OVA Completed おやすみせっくす

“Oyasumi Sex” alternates between the views of the siblings Akira and Yui, who have a normal and peaceful relationship with each other. However, when their parents divorce, the young Yui is devastated and clings to her brother all the more, who has decided to take good care of her. As the years pass and Yui gets older and bigger, she starts to develop certain qualities that slowly lead to Akira developing lewd thoughts and making it more and more difficult for him to control his desires. Where there used to be care and love, now there is only carnal yearning.
One night, he can no longer hold back and moves on his sister. While she seems to be sleeping, he takes off her clothes and touches her, but soon that is no longer enough for him, and he wants to go further. And when Yui pretends that nothing has happened and even swallows sleeping pills in front of his eyes, claiming that she can’t sleep very well, Akira can no longer hold himself back!
What he doesn’t know, however, is that his sister never slept through their nights together, but willingly allowed everything to happen, because over time she also fell in love with her brother …

Oyasumi Sex, おやすみせっくす, Sleeping Sex, 잘자요 섹스

runes pharmacy episode 1 cover

Rune’s Pharmacy: Tiarajima no Okusuriya-san

Selfish, Studio 1st
4 episodes · ONA Completed Rune'sPharmacy: The Pharmacist of Tiara Isle, Rune'sPharmacy ~ティアラ島のお薬屋さん

Young girl Rune lives on the small, quiet island of Tiara. However, she has to accept a heavy blow with the sudden death of her parents. Her only legacy is her parents’ magic pharmacy. Unfortunately, her parents had only been able to teach Rune a few superficial skills on how to run a magic pharmacy. When it comes to collecting magical herbs, especially the Yggdasil flower, things don’t go well for Rune in that respect either … on top of that, a swinish orc shows up who wants to stick his “trunk” into Rune.

Sharban, a bill collector for the Balfolle Company, gets the orc out of the way to talk to Rune about her father’s debts. Rune is supposed to pay back a million gold pieces, which she is currently unable to do. From Sharban’s point of view, Rune should resume the manufacture and distribution of magical medicines, as her parents were known for it. All other possibilities worth mentioning to get money do not seem promising to Sharban, so he gives Rune some time to think about it first. Rune uses the time to see how far she can get with her abilities …

Rune’s Pharmacy ~ティアラ島のお薬屋さん~, Rune’s Pharmacy: Tiarajima no Okusuriya-san, Rune’s Pharmacy: The Pharmacist of Tiara Isle, 티아리 섬의 약사