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Autumn 2019

Hitozuma Mitsu to Niku Episode 1 Cover

Hitozuma, Mitsu to Niku

Blue bread, Queen Bee
4 episodes · OVA Completed 人妻, 蜜と肉

The OVA version of “Married Woman, Honey and Meat” (Core Magazine) based on “Jyogi Tsukino”!
Hibiki of beautiful mature women who devour young bodies …
Think all married women are lewd
* This work uses in-motion technology to create a world view that can only be experienced in comics.

人妻 蜜と肉, Hitozuma Mitsu to Niku, Another man`s wife Honey & Meat, 유부녀 꿀과 고기

Lovely Heart Episode 1 Cover

Lovely ♡

New Generation
2 episodes · OVA Completed Lovely Heart, らぶりー♡

Aina Endou is a nice, cheerful, open-minded girl, but she can also be very direct. Even if you can’t tell by looking at her, she likes to rebel against the school rules and runs around with dishevelled hair, eats sweets at school that are actually banned, and casually addresses her teachers with nicknames. Amongst them is her homeroom teacher Tanaka, whom she always just calls “Tanakacchi.” Trying to talk some sense into her, he asks her to join him in the classroom after school. Once the two of them are alone, however, she doesn’t hold back and teases him with kinky insinuations, makes a pass at him, and finally claims him all to herself.

らぶりー♡, Lovely ♡, Lovely Heart, Lovely, 러블리 하트