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Winter 2020/21

MIMK 082 Poster

[MIMK-082] I Wanna Fuck her No Matter What! And With That, I asked my Mom to get nude. Yu Shinoda

1 episodes · Movie Completed ど~してもこのカラダとヤリたい!! というわけで、全裸で母さんにお願いしてみた。 篠田ゆう

Nobutaka got a part-time and became independent for the first time.
He is a young adult that doesn’t act like one. He is more like a big-time dork that never got a girlfriend and has zero prospects of getting one.
However, he gets a crush on her Mom, Shinoda Yuu, and awkwardly asks her to have sex. She openly refuses but makes the mistake of agreeing to give him a pity handjob. That’s course, wasn’t enough.
This movie has a very lovely slow buildup of 3 non-penetration scenes that accelerates dramatically after when the creampie scenes kick in.
The movie is a classic and Shinoda Yuu was fantastic.

Ajisai no Chiru Koro ni Episode 1 Poster

Ajisai no Chiru Koro ni

1 episodes · ONA Completed When The Hydrangeas Fall, 紫陽花の散ル頃に

Yamano Yuuta and Natsuha Shinomiya have been a couple for some time. But there is something he doesn’t know about his girlfriend: Natsuha has another relationship which she keeps secret from him and which satisfies her far more than he ever could …

紫陽花の散ル頃に, Ajisai no Chiru Koro ni, OVA 수국이 질 때, When The Hydrangeas Fall,

Haitoku no Kyoukai Episode 1 Poster

Haitoku no Kyoukai

Nur, Tente Moten
2 episodes · OVA Completed The Boundary of Immorality: The Ura Side ♥ of the Female Teacher, 背徳の境界

A cool, overly serious and straight faced woman, Kisaragi Miyuki, gives off an unapproachable aura to her students. She is very stern, doesn’t take a joke well, and distances herself whenever possible. There is a rumor however that she is the complete opposite in her private life, and supposedly when not at school, she’s a clumsy airhead. This rumor catches the attention of one of her students, Miwa Itsuki, who has a problematic personality that gives him the desire to tease woman with faulty characters like his sensei. When he catches Miyuki shopping at the convenience store which he works part-time, he can’t hold back his sadistic tendencies any longer…

Haitoku no Kyoukai, 背徳の境界, 배덕의 경계 ~여교사의 이면~

Himawari wa Yoru ni Saku Episode 1 Poster

Himawari wa Yoru ni Saku

1 episodes · ONA Completed Sunflowers Bloom at Night, 向日葵ハ夜ニ咲ク

Hisato Asumi from “Himawari wa Yoru ni Saku” leads a happy life with her husband. They even want to take their relationship to the next level and have a child together! However, her husband’s company boss thwarted their plan. After Hisato’s husband ends up making a huge loss for the company, his boss makes a proposal to the couple: He will settle the debt himself if Hisato – whom he has lusted after for some time now – becomes his personal secretary. For her husband’s sake, Hisato accepts the offer, which her new boss doesn’t need to be told twice … 

向日葵ハ夜ニ咲ク, Himawari wa Yoru ni Saku, 해바라기는 밤에 핀다

Ijirare Fukushuu Saimin Episode 1 Poster

Ijirare: Fukushuu Saimin

4 episodes · OVA Completed Bullied: Revenge Hypnosis, Ijirare: Fukushuu Sai***, イジラレ ~復讐催○~

Tazaki is caught and filmed by Izumi, Sae and Minako sniffing underwear in the girls’ locker room. Since that day, he has been their slave and whipping boy and has to hand over horrendous amounts of money. When the three of them engage in hypnosis, he uses this to his advantage and manages to manipulate their perception that they think the worst torture for him would be rape and sexual gratification against his will, which he also feels every day from now on.

Ijirare: Fukushuu Saimin, イジラレ~復讐催眠~, 霸凌 ~复仇催眠~, Bullied: Revenge Hypnosis, Hipnoza: zemsta ofiary, Tormented: Revenge Hypnosis, 霸凌 ~復仇催眠~, 상식개변: 복수최면

Jimihen Jimiko o Kae Chau Jun Isei Kouyuu

Jimihen!! Jimiko wo Kaechau Jun Isei Kouyuu!!

Studio Hokiboshi
8 episodes · ONA Completed Simple yet Sexy, Jimihen!! Pure Heterosexual Exchange That Changes a Reserved Girl, じみへんっ!!~地味子を変えちゃう純異性交遊~

Actually, Ryouhei Hachiya gets along well with his superior Buchou, but now he is given a difficult assignment by the other man: in order to cover up an unexcused day of absence, he is supposed to meet Rena Yukuhashi, of all people, an unattractive colleague, after work to find out if she is still a virgin.
At first, Ryouhei is not very enthusiastic about this assignment, but when he actually goes on a date with her, he quickly finds out that there is more behind the reserved façade than expected. They start an affair with each other and soon he begins to feel more for his partner. However, this causes problems with his superior, to whom he doesn’t want to reveal any of this …

じみへんっ!!~地味子を変えちゃう純異性交遊~, Jimihen!! Jimiko o Kae Chau Jun Isei Kouyuu, Simple yet Sexy, 地味变!!~改变土妹子的纯洁异性交往~, Pure Heterosexual Intercourse That Transforms a Plain Girl, 지미헨!! ~수수한 자를 바꾸어 버리는 순수 이성 교제~, Pure Heterosexual Intercourse That Transforms a Plain Girl

Kimi ga Suki. The Animation Episode 01

Kimi ga Suki. The Animation

Pink Pineapple, Seven
2 episodes · OVA Completed 君が好き. THE ANIMATION

A very hot summer.
Today is a fireworks display.
The distance between the two of us, who have always been casually and unreservedly in contact with each other, has moved a little bit further, just by a slight chance….
I always want to be in love with someone. When we fall in love, we want to touch each other.
With “drawing ability and emo” that transcends the common sense of erotic manga, this manga has become the talk of the town as “erotic manga that makes you fall in love!
The first comic by Jorori-sensei, one of the best in 10 years, has finally been made into an OVA!
May it reach those who wanted to have this kind of love and sex.

Kimi ga Suki. The Animation, 君が好き. THE ANIMATION, 네가 좋아

Real Eroge Situation 2 The Animation Episode 1 Poster

Real Eroge Situation! 2 The Animation

Pink Pineapple, Seven, Studio 1st
2 episodes · OVA Completed リアルエロゲシチュエーション! 2 THE ANIMATION

The latest title in the hit PC game series by “Studio Home” has been adapted into a long-awaited anime film, keeping the original concept of “erotic and highly sexualized lovemaking”!
The new anime is even more erotic and erotic than the previous work “Real Eroge Situation”!
Enjoy slightly perverted and dirty sex with the girls who accept all of your fantasies of special sexual proclivities and highly erotic situations!

Real Eroge Situation! The Animation, リアルエロゲシチュエーション! 2 THE ANIMATION, Real Erogame Situation! 2, 리얼 에로게임 시추에이션! 2

Rikujoubu Joshi wa Ore no Nama Onaho The Animation Episode 1 Cover

Rikujoubu Joshi wa Ore no Nama Onaho!!! The Animation

Breakbottle, Shorten
2 episodes · OVA Completed 陸上部女子は俺の生オナホ!!! The Animation

Large-breasted Asuka is a first-class student, as well as captain and ace of her school’s athletics club. Yet, she has a secret: she is merely the bitch of her coach, who “uses” her for all sorts of naughty things. One day, the even more big-breasted exchange student Mia finally comes to her school, and the coach doesn’t hesitate long to make her his plaything, too. However, don’t worry: the various sex practices are actually just training to make them more flexible and stronger!

Rikujoubu Joshi wa Ore no Nama Onaho!!! The Animation, 陸上部女子は俺の生オナホ!!! The Animation, 육상부 여자는 나의 생체 오나홀, The Track Team Girls are My Cumdumps!!!, Rikujōbu Joshi wa Ore no Nama Onaho!!! The Animation

S ka ni Totsuida M Jou no Nichijou Episode 1 Poster

S-ke ni Totsuida M-jou no Nichijou

2 episodes · ONA Completed S家に嫁いだM嬢の日常

Before Mary knew her “master”, she was nothing. It was a snowy winter night, and Mary was sitting in a small back alley when a man approached her. He gave her a name … and, at the same time, a reason to live. In a secluded tent far from the centre of town, her meister was having an “art exhibition” where men and women with ecstatic expressions on their faces had a great orgy. It was beautiful! Mary wanted to be a part of it. It was there that she finally met her future husband, Dr Salvator. However, to give birth to an excellent child for her master, Mary still needs “training” …

S家に嫁いだM嬢の日常, S-ka ni Totsuida M Jou no Nichijou, S-ke ni Totsuida M-jou no Nichijou, 살바토르 가에 시집온 메리 양의 일상

Shiawase nara Niku o Morou The Animation

Shiawase nara Niku wo Morou! The Animation

1 episodes · ONA Completed 幸せなら肉を盛ろう!ジアニメーション

At a doctor’s appointment, Chie discovers that she seems to have a few extra pounds. Fortunately, her boyfriend offers to help her lose weight in a very creative way … 

幸せなら肉を盛ろう!ジアニメーション, Shiawase nara Niku o Morou! The Animation, 행복한 만큼 고기를 쌓아 올리자

Toilet no Hanako san vs Kukkyou Taimashi Episode 1 Poster

Toilet no Hanako-san vs Kukkyou Taimashi

Mirano Suzuki, Seven, Suzuki Mirano
4 episodes · OVA Completed トイレの花子さんVS屈強退魔師

An old, abandoned and eerie school building is haunted by the malevolent spirit Hanako-san in the form of a pretty and large-breasted schoolgirl who possesses spiritual powers. A well-endowed and muscular exorcist, who can sense her evil aura, goes to the building to banish the spirit. But he does not rely on holy water or prayers – for him there is only one method that comes into question: purification through complete sexual satisfaction. So he sets about subduing the stubborn Hanako-san time and again through the most diverse positions and practices.

Toilet no Hanako-san vs Kukkyou Taimashi, トイレの花子さんVS屈強退魔師, Toilet no Hanako-san vs Kukkyou Taimashi: Akuochi Ma*ko Tenchuu Samen Renzoku-chuu Dashi, トイレの花子さんVS屈強退魔師 悪堕ちマ○コに天誅ザーメン連続中出し, Toire no Hanako-san vs Kukkyou Taimashi, 화장실의 하나코씨VS굴강퇴마사