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Winter 2023/24

DASS 280 Poster

[DASS-280] The Story of a Futa Female Teacher Relieving the Masturbation Addiction of an Honor Student. Live-Action, Mary Tachibana, Mizuki Yayoi

1 episodes · Movie Completed ぜんぶ、せんせいのせい。ふ○なり女教師がオ〇ニー中毒の優等生をスッキリさせる話。実写版 橘メアリー 弥生みづき

Miyuri is an honor student who become addicted to masturbating due to the stress of school and life.
One day, she ends up confessing her addiction problems to her teacher, who, after listening to her, gets aroused and has trouble hiding the boner in her pants.
This is how a female teacher with a big dick began having sex with a nerdy 4 eyes student.
DASS-280 us a beautiful video where both actresses keep the glasses for the entire movie duration. The very first manga collab of Das! Studio too. Hardly a surprise anymore because every other studio is doing collabs now.

EBWH 059 Poster

[EBWH-059] My Girlfriend who drools too much

1 episodes · Movie Completed 僕の彼女は涎が多すぎる 星乃夏月

Daiki is a university student who becomes interested in Aoi, a very beautiful classmate who, for some reason, always wears a napkin on her face.
He proposes to Aoi, and they begin dating.
Eventually, he discovers her drooling secret condition, which could be considered either gross or sexy. However, Daiki accepts her for who she is, and sex continues.

FJIN 005 Poster

[FJIN-005] Live-Action Adaptation Beautiful Teacher is a Captive of Shame – Hachino Tsubasa

FunCity / Mousozoku
1 episodes · Movie Completed 実写版 美人教師は羞恥の虜 八乃つばさ チェキ付き

Sumire Mizusaki is a new teacher who treats her students with a cold attitude because she doesn’t want them to criticize her because she’s a woman. One day, she encountered an exhibitionist on her way home from school, and couldn’t stop her exhibitionist fantasies, so she decided to expose herself inside the school! She seeks shameful pleasure and exposes her lewd appearance not only inside the school but also outdoors. She finally gets naked in front of her student…



MIMK 139 Poster

[MIMK-139] On a rainy day, a quiet J-schoolgirl with transparent wet clothes is peeped by an old man and she becomes horny – Ito Meru

1 episodes · Movie Completed 雨の日は、ほんのり乳首 実写版 濡れ透け美乳をオヤジに視姦されて発情したムッツリJ○は初めての中出し交尾に明け暮れる

Aoi is a schoolgirl who was caught in the rain and sought shelter. Her uniform got drenched and became transparent, and she was noticed by a middle-aged man.

This incident had a profound impact on her, as being observed and sexually objectified aroused her deeply, causing her desires to become uncontrollable.

As a result, she embarked herself on a spree of voyeuristic exposure.

MIMK 141 Poster

[MIMK-141] Longing for the neighborhood aunt, I managed to inseminate my seeds – Non-stop 26 ejaculations – Iioka Kanako

1 episodes · Movie Completed 憧れの近所のオバさんに念願の種付け-実写版- 販売数3万部 生ハメ、中出し、限界までハメ倒しノンストップ26発射精 森沢かな

Another edition for MILF lovers.

Auntie Morisawa from the neighborhood invites Hajime to visit her house, intending to take his cherry.

MIMK 142 Poster

[MIMK-142] RAIN – The Confession Came From My Sister – JACK-POT Live-Action Adaptation of the Manga

1 episodes · Movie Ongoing RAIN-告白してきたのは妹だった- 原作:JACK-POT じゅら 発行部数3万部超 実写化

On a rainy day, Hiroshi receives a love confession from none other than his real sister.
That night, he goes to bed, terribly shocked by what happened. Still thinking about the issue when suddenly his sister visits his room, asking him to sleep with him…
They then settle the issue, having freaky creampie sex.

MIMK 143 Poster

[MIMK-143] The Quiet, Plain-Looking Girl is Surprisingly a Slut – A Story of Being Drained Dry by My Busty Girlfriend

1 episodes · Movie Completed 寡黙な地味系女子がまさかの痴女 巨乳彼女にひたすら搾り取られまくる話

Koume touched by mistake the tits of Saori (Yoshine Yuria), a classmate.
This sudden ice-breaker is well received by her, who will reveal her true slutty nature.

MIMK 144 Poster

[MIMK-144] Loving And Naughty Cohabitation Life With Natsumi, The Neighbor I Admire – Original by Nanoha Jam

1 episodes · Movie Completed 実写版 憧れのお隣さん「なつみ」とのラブラブえちえちな同棲生活 原作 なのはなジャム

The protagonist returns home and bumps into the neighbor lady, Natsumi, who has just broken up with her boyfriend and is extra receptive…

MIMK 145 Poster

[MIMK-145] Busty Slut Is the Best. The Vulgar Life of Fucking Bitches Begins – Original by Hachimitsu Horizon

1 episodes · Movie Completed 爆乳痴女こそ最高です。 ビッチとハメまくる下品な生活はじまりました 原作はちみつホライズン 売上5.5万部 実写化

[“Excuse me, brother, could you lend me your dick?”While I was relaxing in the park during the day, a huge, breasted, slutty woman appeared! ! Original work: A live-action adaptation of Honey Horizon’s extremely dangerous work! ]

It’s like a dream to be able to have sex with a big-breasted bitch for free! She rushes into the public toilet and gives an instant blowjob! Even if he ejaculates, the erection doesn’t subside and he continues to fuck. Creampie over and over again to a slut who is too sensitive and cries! After returning home, I chase cowgirl position for titty fuck! She is wearing a naked apron and is full of bunny costume and erotica! I want to keep pouring my sperm into such a hairy slut!

MIMK 148 Poster

[MIMK-148] Live-action version! My girlfriend’s sister is a busty, mini-skirt-wearing junior devil. Original by: Himesaki Hana

1 episodes · Movie Completed -実写版- 彼女の妹が巨乳ミニスカJ●で小悪魔系 原作:アオヒモファミリア

Uchimura begins a relationship with a coworker, but one day he bumps with the littler sister of her girlfriend in the street, and this zoomer girl is on a quest to give him trouble…

MUDR 243 Poster

[MUDR-243] Cult Girl – Case of the Innocent Sunburned Girl Follower Hina Iori, Who is Filled with Creampie! Iori Hina

1 episodes · Movie Completed カルト女子 少女信者・ひなのの場合 日焼けあとの残るいたいけな少女信者に中出し三昧! 伊織ひなの

The first edition was MUDR-215.

In this second edition, the cult leader performs his ritual on Iori to improve her grades, or in other words: cum inside her vagina.

MUDR 244 Poster

[MUDR-244] During Stepmother’s Daughter’s Bathing… Continuous Impregnation with Stepdaughter I Embrace Anytime

1 episodes · Movie Ongoing 妻の連れ子の入浴中に… いつでも抱ける義理の娘に連続種付け 星乃夏月

Goro is a middle-aged dude who now has  a very chubby stepdaughter, Natsuki.

He begins to obsess about her, and one day, when his wife is away, he ambushes Natsuki in the toilet.

Despite the abuse, Natsuki develops an attraction towards Goro, which leads to the final freak creampie.

NIMA 021 Poster

[NIMA-021] The Reason I Became a Womanizer – Live-Action Version!! Ichika Seta

1 episodes · Movie Completed 僕がヤリチンになったワケ 実写版!! 瀬田一花

Congratulations, first collaboration & first live-action! The blockbuster work of the circle/night band, popular for its overwhelming drawing power and sensuality, is brought back to life as a live-action film!

The main character spends boring days just commuting to and from school. Although there are three beautiful girls with big breasts in his class, they are far from him as he is a secretive guy. He also had a secret. Hiyori Mizukawa, one of the busty beautiful girls in my class, is actually my childhood friend and we live in the same apartment building. While we were studying for tests together, my road trip started!

NIMA 023 Poster

[NIMA-023] The House of Mating! In Our Home, Where the Voices of Beasts Echo, I’m the Only One Who Can’t Have SEX… Takarada Monami

1 episodes · Movie Completed 交尾の家 実写版!!ケダモノの声が響き渡る我が家で、ボクだけがSEXできない…。 宝田もなみ

Monami lost her husband, and she has been raising her son Kakeru all by herself. They have a very close and abnormal relationship, and she eventually ends up promising to graduate him from being a virgin on his birthday.
The promised day arrives, but it all gets interrupted by the sudden visit of Uncle Yuta, who stays around.
Kakeru then notices that Mommy Monami has changed and sets up hidden cameras to discover the truth. And sure enough, uncle has been having creampie sex with Monami.

NIMA 024 Poster

[NIMA-024] “The Man Who Was Only Kind” Was Dumped by His Wife… Part 1 – Miu Arika, Hikaru Minazuki

1 episodes · Movie Completed すぺしゃるじー&チンジャオ娘の大ヒット作品を実写化!! 「優しいだけの男」と妻に捨てられたので…前編 有岡みう 皆月ひかる

The protagonist is a kind 30-year-old married man who bought a house for his new family. In addition to living with his young wife, he also shares a roof with his mother-in-law and sister-in-law.

One day, his wife cheats on him with another man and abandons him because she finds him boring, leaving him behind with significant debts.

To help rectify her daughter’s mistake, the mother-in-law steps in and takes charge as the head of the household. But the protagonist, who is rather pissed off and not kind anymore, takes her offer plus does her sexually.

Over time, the sister-in-law discovers the forbidden relationship, and she also joins the degeneracy.

NIMA 025 Poster

[NIMA-025] Live-action version! Young wife dyed in madder red, first and second parts – My wife was taken in the hospital room

1 episodes · Movie Completed 実写版!茜色に染まる若妻 前編後編~病室で僕の妻が寝取られた~

This doujin is created by the same author who brought us URE-088, which was a huge banger here at jav.guru, and one of my personal favorites when it comes to doujin adaptations.

The story here predates the URE-088 Ichinose Mami doujin.

In this plot, Shiori’s husband causes an accident at work that puts his chances of promotion at risk and leads to coworker Kazama’s hospitalization.

Desperate to save himself, he tries to persuade his coworker, Kazama, to take the blame. However, Kazama demands sexual favors from Shiori in return.

Reluctantly, Shiori agrees with a heavy heart, but over time, her body begins to feel the heat.

NIMA 027 Poster

[NIMA-027] Live Action! New, My Wife and the Former AV Actor Manager with a Big Cock – Why Was My Earnest Wife Changed So Much – Ran Kikuno

1 episodes · Movie Completed 実写版!新、僕の妻と巨根の元AV男優部長 ~真面目な妻がナゼここまで変えられたのか~ 菊乃らん

Hiroshi leads a peaceful life with his wife Ran Kikuno.

One day, he is called by the boss and learns that he is on the list of possible layoffs. His boss, a former porn actor with a great sexual appetite, uses this dismissal issue to get closer to Hiroshi’s wife…

PFT 001 POster

[PFT-001] Mankitsuchu Original by Haruto Torasuke Live-action adaptation of a popular doujinshi comic! Nozomi Arimura

1 episodes · Movie Completed まんきつちゅう 原作 虎助遥人 人気同人コミック実写化!有村のぞみ

Faleno jumps on the manga bandwagon with this adaptation of Mankitsu.

Aihara was masturbating in a manga cafe when a girl in his class, Ms. Hirasaki, saw him ejaculating, and as an apology, he asked her to show him how she masturbates! But masturbation is not enough! It’s the first time they have sex, and she wants to moan aloud, but desperately wants to hold back! Hirasaki is addicted to doing things in places where she shouldn’t…! Even at karaoke on her first date, she can’t control her sexual desire and gets fucked all over the place! This is a coming-of-age story with a beautiful girl who happily comes in a lovey-dovey way!

RKI 652 Poster

[RKI-652] Beauty and the Beast – Gal and Creepy Otaku – A Beautiful Girl Gal Becomes a Slave to the Thick Dick of a Socially Awkward Unattractive Otaku Boy – Tsubaki Rika

1 episodes · Movie Completed 美女と野獣 ~ギャルとキモオタ~ 性欲つよつよ 陰キャで冴えないキモオタ男子の極太チ○ポの虜になった美少女ギャル。チ○ポの味が忘れられなくて今日もキモオタと孕ませ中出しSEX! 椿りか

Nanase is a sluty schoolgirl who is already bored of her current boyfriend.
Someday, she decides to unload her frustrations by bullying Nozaki, a nerd from school.
She attempts to humiliate him by picturing and leaking pics of his small dick, but contrary to her expectations, he has an actual big dick.
And so, she changes her mind and begins to use him for her own sexual pleasure.

RKI 653 Poster

[RKI-653] Oral Marriage: Using a Hypnotic App to Take Away the Wife of My Dreams and Turning into a Fellatio Slave. Katou Momoka, Minasuki Hikaru, Konno Miina

1 episodes · Movie Completed 口姻 催●アプリで憧れの人妻を寝取って、コスプレ少女と中出しSEX、幼馴染みをフェラ奴●にしてやった。 佐藤ののか 皆月ひかる 紺野みいな

Won first place on the FANZA doujin floor! A live-action adaptation of a representative work by Misaki/Masami, a circle of artists who continue to publish their obsessive-fella works! What happened to Honoka’s sister after that? What is she doing with this application? Includes a later story in the original AV part. Of course, we also present a blowjob video with our special attention to detail!

RKI 654 Poster

[RKI-654] Met a woman through matching app with perfect matching despite she not being my type in looks or personality, but she turned out to be the one… Arioka Miu

1 episodes · Movie Completed 性器マッチングアプリで出会った体の相性だけは最高の女 見た目も性格も全然好みじゃないけど、やっと見つけた運命のオチ○チン 有岡みう

Tatsu decides to try out a new dating app based on Artificial Intelligence, which claims to provide perfect matches.
He matches with a stylish gal from Tokyo, and initially, both of them are skeptical about the accuracy of the app’s recommendations. However, they decide to give it a chance and proceed to the bedroom.
During this sex encounter, they both finally realize how accurate the AI was in their matching.

SORA 502 Poster

[SORA-502] Live-action version. The student council president is a genuine exhibitionist. Satsuki Mei

Yama To Sora
1 episodes · Movie Completed 実写版 生徒会長は真性露出狂 さつき芽衣 チェキ付き

The student council president, Yuka Kimijima, is an exhibitionist. She is addicted to shameful pleasure and decides to expose herself completely naked at school and in a residential area. Even though her classmates find out, she confesses her exhibitionism in front of the students in search of even more pleasure…
#1 Exposure in the school early in the morning: I got addicted to exposing myself in the school building…
#2 Masturbation behind the school building after HR: Naked pussy scratching and shameful masturbation right next to classmates
#3 Blowjob with someone else’s dick in the park at night: My body aches from the limit of shame and I enjoy the dirty cock
#4 I was exposed naked in a rural town and found out by male residents…: I was found out naked in a residential area! I ran away from too much shame…
#5 SEX in the gymnasium warehouse: A classmate finds out about my exhibitionist habit, and we have sex in the gymnasium warehouse
#6 Confessing her exhibitionism completely naked: While her classmates are shocked, she shows her naked and confesses that she is an exhibitionist!
#7 Raw sex photo session in school: Surrounded by classmates and wet pussy with shame

SORA 511 Poster

[SORA-511] Live-Action Version: Student council president is a true exhibitionist – Hinako Mori

Yama To Sora
1 episodes · Movie Completed 実写版 生徒会長は真性露出狂 森日向子

Fusuka Kimishima, the student council president, is an exhibitionist. Not content with being exposed on campus, she devours the shame and pleasure of public sex in the library…

URE 103 Poster

[URE-103] Exclusive – Fuji Kanna’s First Ripe Comic Collab! The Person Who Resembled My Mother – Drowning in Creampie Intercourse with Mother

? episodes · Movie Completed 専属・藤かんな 初の熟れコミコラボ!!溢れる母性で全てを受け入れる癒しの快感を完全実写化!! 原作:ほーすている 母に似たひと ―彼女の母と中出し交尾に溺れて―

Madonna’s exclusive, Kanna Fuji, first Mature Comic Collaboration! A complete live-action adaptation of the popular doujinshi work, “A Man Like My Mother,” originally written by HOSTELE!

Takuma falls in love at first sight with his mother, Shiori, when he meets her at her house. Although they have never met before, Takuma continues to be attracted to her with a nostalgic atmosphere, and unable to resist, he tells her of his feelings…. Shiori is carried away by Takuma’s momentum and secretly performs for him as a sex worker. She is gradually drawn to his relentless caresses, and her body gradually accepts the pleasure….

69 Itsuwari no Bishou Episode 1 Poster

69: Itsuwari no Bishou

Tente Moten
? episodes · OVA Ongoing 69~偽りの微笑~

Aoi Midori, an outstanding student with a reserved personality and a charming smile, faces a sudden drop in her grades due to an error in the recent exam results. Despite her efforts to maintain her image, she becomes desperate in the situation. Aoi devises a plan to fix the problem, but her teacher, Izumi Kuwabara, who is rumored to be a bitch, stands in her way. Midori tries to blackmail her with a sex tape of her fiancé, but Izumi does not fall for his provocations and rapes Midori.

69~偽りの微笑~, 69: Itsuwari no Bishou, 69: Itsuwari no Bishō, 69: Itsuwari no Hohoe, 69~False smile~

Ateuma Chara no Kuse Shite Supadari Ouji ni Chouai Sarete Imasu. Poster

Ateuma Chara no Kuse shite, Super Darling Ouji ni Chouai Sareteimasu.

Studio Hokiboshi
? episodes · ONA Ongoing The Perfect Prince Loves Me, the Side Character?!, AteKuse, 当て馬キャラのくせして、 スパダリ王子に寵愛されています。

Side Character — Unimportant. Constantly getting in the way of the main characters’ love story.
After finding himself reincarnated into the world of a novel, Loneal goes to great lengths to steer clear of Prince Alec, the hero, to avoid disrupting the main storyline between Alec and the heroine, Lily. However, to Loneal’s great surprise, the prince becomes infatuated with…him?!
“A charming physique, such as yours, more than makes up for your lack of experience.”
Before he knows it, he finds himself melting into the prince’s arms… Why is everything so different from the novel?!

当て馬キャラのくせして, スパダリ王子に寵愛されています., Ateuma Chara no Kuse shite, Super Darling Ouji ni Chouai sareteimasu., The Perfect Prince Loves Me the Side Character?!, The Perfect Prince Loves Me His Rival?!, Le prince parfait m’aime moi son rival!?

Fleur The Animation Episode 1 Poster

Fleur The Animation

Studio 1st
? episodes · OVA Ongoing フルール THE ANIMATION

Shinonome-san, my editor-in-chief, is diligent and kind, often going above and beyond to take care of things. Even though I know I shouldn’t look at her in a sexual way, I can’t help but indulge in erotic fantasies. While I was showering, I start masturbating while fantasizing about her, and when I started to ejaculate, Shinonome-san was in front of me completely sprayed with my semen. This is how my relationship with a sexy editor who wears glasses begins.

To gather references for a new erotic manga, Shinonome-san agrees to play the role of a young wife. She calls me “Master” while doing housework wearing an apron while naked, but this sensual situation causes me to get an involuntary erection. When Shinonome-san realizes what she has just stirred up, she seems to be willing to have conjugal sex with me.

フルール THE ANIMATION, Fleur The Animation

Isekai Onsen Paradise Poster

Isekai Onsen Paradise

BloomZ, Wolfsbane
? episodes · TV Ongoing Isekai Onsen Paradise, Meitou "Isekai no Yu" Kaitakuki: Arafoo 40 Onsen Mania no Tensei Saki wa, Nonbiri Onsen Tengoku deshita, Isekai Onsen Paradise, 名湯『異世界の湯』開拓記 ~アラフォー温泉マニアの転生先は、のんびり温泉天国でした~

Kouzou Yukawa is a passionate hot springs enthusiast—a hot springs hunter who was able to sniff out the source of springs. One day, while searching for a hidden hot spring to revitalize a town, he slips off a cliff and dies. He is then reincarnated into another world by an Inari deity of a small shrine hidden in the rocks. Kouzou is joined by Inari's messenger princess, Mayudama. The hot spring hunter within Kouzou is stirred right away, as he takes a bath with Mayudama in the hot spring he just discovered. Then, an elf girl appears…

名湯『異世界の湯』開拓記 ~アラフォー温泉マニアの転生先は, のんびり温泉天国でした~, Meitou “Isekai no Yu” Kaitaku-ki: Arafou Onsen Mania no Tensei Saki wa, Nonbiri Onsen Tengoku Deshita, Isekai Onsen Paradise, 人气温泉『异世界温泉』开拓记 ~40岁左右的温泉爱好者转世到了悠闲的温泉天堂~, Pioneer Log of the Storied Hot Springs “Alternate World`s Springs”, Pioneer Log of the Storied Hot Springs “Alternate World`s Springs”: The Reincarnation Destination of an Onsen Fan (Who`s Around 40) Was a Relaxing Hot Spring Paradise

Kotowarenai Haha Episode 1 Poster

Kotowarenai Haha

Blue bread
? episodes · OVA Ongoing 断れない母

Yuta is at his friend Kosuke’s house to watch porn movies, but his private party is interrupted by Shiori, Kosuke’s mother, who was not supposed to be home that day. Later, Shiori slips down the stairs but is saved by Yuta, who injures both arms in the process. Feeling guilty for what happened to her son’s friend, Shiori takes care of Yuta until his arms heal. She not only pampers him and feeds him but also takes care of his sexual desires.
After Shiori masturbates Yuta using her body, she awakens her lust and can’t stop thinking about having real sex with him.

断れない母, Kotowarenai Haha

Mitasarete Mezameru Asa ni Jimi na Choushoku o The Animation Episode 1 Poster

Mitasarete Mezameru Asa ni, Jimi na Choushoku wo The Animation

1 episodes · OVA Ongoing 満たされて目覚める朝に、地味な朝食を The Animation

Koutarou and Sayaka, who were both dumped by their lovers, meet at a class reunion, and end up spending the night together at Koutarou’s house.
The two have polar opposite views on love and personalities, but their physical chemistry is outstanding, and they spend a night connecting both body and mind.

満たされて目覚める朝に, 地味な朝食を The Animation, Mitasarete Mezameru Asa ni, Jimi na Choushoku wo The Animation

Modaete yo Adam kun Poster

Modaete yo, Adam-kun

Studio Houkiboshi
? episodes · OVA Ongoing 悶えてよ, アダムくん

“Why do you have an erection…? You’re sneaky.”
In a world where all humans have suffered from ED due to a pandemic, Kazuki, a male student, is the only special person who has escaped ED. In order to keep the secret, he transferred to a harem school full of women!? A kind and friendly senior, a frustrated female teacher, the school’s prince, the daughter of a wealthy family, and more.
What will Kazuki, who can captivate any woman, choose?



悶えてよ, アダムくん, Modaete yo, Adam-kun

No Waifu No Life Episode 1 Poster 1

No Waifu No Life!

Blue bread
? episodes · OVA Upcoming NO 猥婦 NO LIFE!

Owner’s Wife
The newlyweds had found a new house and went to greet their landlord, only to find that Murai, a former volleyball coach, had taken over the family business. Marin Momodate (maiden name) had bitter memories of Murai from her school days, and just as she was trying to avoid him as much as possible, she found him when she returned home after leaving the company on a long career break. Masashi, her husband, was put to sleep and the space was now just the two of them. The coach and she were sexfriends, and he rubs her tits as if it were a matter of course. Marin tries to refuse, but the past comes back to her, and she can’t forget Murai’s stubby, middle-aged body. Marin becomes addicted to each of his techniques, and her feelings gradually shift to becoming Murai’s female toilet.

Mama to Tanetsuke no Su
A mother continues to seduce her son, Yuri, with tongue kisses every day. When they were running out of patience with the excessive skinship, Hiroki, a friend of Yuri, came to visit them. Her husband is away on a long business trip, and the mother, frustrated, masturbates in her room. Hiroki happened to catch her in the act, and he threatened her to tell Yuri about it. It’s a mother who allowed everything to Hiroki as she was told.

Shunka Shuutou Episode 1 Poster

Shunka Shuutou

? episodes · OVA Ongoing 旬花蒐陶

Miharu Aragaki is an exemplary and very kind high school student who constantly receives love confessions, which she instantly rejects. However, her gentle personality is actually a facade because she has a hidden personality.
Currently, Miharu worried because she’s being harassed by someone. Due to her problem, she seeks help from Shiki Sasahara, the school counselor. He knows Miharu’s true personality, and she has no choice but to have sex with Shiki so that he will assist her.

旬花蒐陶, Shunka Shuutou

Sinisistar Episode 1 Poster 1


? episodes · OVA Upcoming シニシスタ

Based on the erotic doujin game by Uu (ウー).

This is a story featuring Rabiane, a Sister sent by the Church to exorcise monsters in a cursed land. The story is centered on themes of masochistic tendencies, yearning for death, as well as despair at being attacked by terrifying beings.

シニシスタ, SiNiSistar

Yuusha hime Miria Episode 1 Poster

Yuusha-hime Miria

? episodes · OVA Ongoing 勇者姫ミリア

Milia has inherited the title of hero! But it was actually supposed to go to the prince, Rick.

Rick was executed for his perverted crimes, but his spirit lingers… and makes a contract with the Demon Lord so that he can possess Milia!

勇者姫ミリア, Yuusha-hime Miria, サークル☆フェアリーフラワー,Brave Princess Miria,Heroic Princess Milia