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Mihitsu no Koi Unveils Trailer for Its Debut OVA!

The Nur label was also in the news today, as they released the trailer for Mihitsu no Koi, their new yuri and netorare hentai!

In this trailer, you can see the friendship and a hint of romance between the protagonists.
However, it seems that the love one of them feels is one-sided. I mention this because the other girl has found an older boyfriend. Fortunately for her, or perhaps unfortunately, she will be sexually attended to by her friend’s boyfriend.

If you are interested in this new hentai, don’t forget that it will be released on October 27, so don’t miss it.


Mihitsu no Koi Unveils Trailer for Its Debut OVA!

Yunika is a beautiful girl who spends every day adoring her best friend Risa, a calm and reserved schoolgirl. Yunika hates her best friend’s older boyfriend because she thinks he is manipulating her. One day, Yunika witnesses a shocking and obscene scene involving Risa and her boyfriend, which arouses intense emotions in her.



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