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Boku wa Chiisana Succubus no Shimobe Returns with a New Version!

Hi guys, today I come with good news for lolicon fans. Mary Jane has re-released an English subtitled version for Boku wa Chiisana Succubus no Shimobe!

This new version is entitled “Serving the Little Succubus” and can be purchased from DLsite for 27€.


Boku wa Chiisana Succubus no Shimobe Returns with a New Version!

Shougo Miyazaki was in love with a girl at his part-time job. One day, he gathered the courage to confess, only to be rejected. Reeling from the shock, Shougo turned to alcohol to soothe his feelings and eventually ended up quitting his job. Just as he reached his lowest point, sprawled on his bed, he heard a girl’s voice. He turned his head to see where it was coming from, and saw a girl with golden hair. Shougo was surprised, but this was not their first meeting. She often came to him in his dreams. She straddled him and pressed closer. Shougo tried to move away, but was held in place by some mysterious power. She said her name was Tiffany and that she was a succubus. According to her, the taste of a heartbroken human was nothing short of exquisite, and as she reached her hand towards the immobilized Shougo’s crotch, his life as her livestock began.


Hi guys. Good news for housewives and NTR fans, MOODYZ studio revealed today that it will adapt Haha ni nita Hito doujinshi! The movie is titled URE-103 専属・藤かんな 初の熟れコミコラボ!!溢れる母性で全てを受け入れる癒しの快感を完全実写化!! 原作:ほーすている…


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