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Bakunyuu Maid Gari Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary

Bakunyuu Maid Gari, an exciting hentai about busty maids, celebrates its 15th anniversary.


Bakunyuu Maid Gari Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary

The hentai is inspired by Bakunyuu Maid Kari (爆乳メイド狩り) a doujinshi by renowned artist Mogudan. This work was released on April 24, 2009 and finished on July 24, 2009.

Hot Bear, one of Media Bank‘s labels, released its first animated episode on April 24, 2009. This hentai concluded on July 24, 2009 with two animated episodes.


Bakunyuu Maid Gari Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary

Miyako Misaki is hired by her schoolmate Ai to work by her side at a maid cafe.

But none of them know that somewhere in Akihabara an underground organisation called “Maid masters” abduct young waitresses to confine and rape them…



Bakunyuu Maid Gari Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary

There is no available information on the sales of Bakunyuu Maid Gari in Japan, so it is impossible to determine its reception there. However, overseas, the manga gained moderate popularity which improved over time, thanks to its storyline about voluptuous maids and the fame of the artist Mogudan during those years.

Today, Bakunyuu Maid Gari is considered one of the best hentai featuring female protagonists in the maid profession.


Bakunyuu Maid Gari Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary

  1. The hentai was animated by Studio Ten Carat.
  2. Bakunyuu Maid Gari is the first and only hentai anime based on one of Mogudan‘s doujinshi.
  3. The doujinshi and animated series were released simultaneously.
  4. Although Bakunyuu Maid Gari is known for being one of the few hentai with maids as protagonists, it is also considered one of the best maid hentai.


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