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Uwaki to Honki The Animation
Rating 6.61
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Uwaki to Honki The Animation

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Status: Completed Studio: Released: Sep 25, 2020 Duration: 16 min. Season: Country: Type: OVA Episodes: 1 Censor: Censored Director: Producers: Posted by: GenX Released on: Updated on:
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This title has been categorized as 'mature', therefore may contain intense violence, blood/gore, sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers.

Synopsis Uwaki to Honki The Animation

Sasahara’s world comes crashing down when he happens to see his girlfriend Riko kissing another man in public. Sasahara’s friend, Mika, tries to console him during a night of drinking. They later realize that the man Riko was being unfaithful with was Mika’s own boyfriend. After that, Mika learns that poor Sasahara is still a virgin. In the heat of the moment, she decides to break up with her boyfriend and try to make both feel good again, by taking Sasahara’s virginity. A short tale of broken relationships, cheating, and the search for true love.

Uwaki to Honki The Animation, 浮気と本気 THE ANIMATION, 바람기와 진심, Faithful and Unfaithful The Animation, مخلص و خائن

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Characters & Voice Actors

Kuramoto, Mika
Kuramoto, Mika Main
Akai, Ria
Akai, Ria Japanese

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  1. GenX says:

    In The Mood For Love but hentai.

    It’s an NTR/Cheating story that’s actually wholesome. It feels weird to say it but yeah this actually happended. I am just so tired of degrading hentai that getting this was like an unexpected gift. The guy was an ass and he had it coming. Just as I’ve said in the beginning, this is basically In The Mood For Love as in the plot is pretty much the same thing. I am 90% sure the author watched In The Mood For Love and was like you know what it needs? It needs less artistic vision and sex in it. Boom! An art was created. Can we please get some more stuff like this?

  2. GenX says:

    Long ago… there was a legendary Hentai Reviewer by the name of AnimeGrin245. He was known on the platform of MAL for his reviews, but one day he just suddenly vanished. AND NOW HE IS BACK!! Yes, after almost 2 years of no MAL reviews, I am finally back. I don’t really know how to explain my disappearance, but I am back for the most part. So naturally, being gone for so long, their were a lot of hentai I missed on the chance to review, so, hear is the first one I wanted to check off that list with my return. The subject of today’s review will be: “Uwaki to Honki The Animation”, a hentai that I feel is severely underappreciated.

    Story: 10/10.
    The story is arguably the best part about this hentai. As far as 1 episode plot goes, this one is very high up on the list of the best. The general plot is about two friends who cheat on their respective couples when they find out that they have been cheating on them behind their backs. This is wonderful because it somehow manages to make an NTR plot super wholesome. And at this point, everyone knows how I feel about NTR. I don’t like it, and the fact that this hentai does something great with it is amazing in it’s own right. I mean Ane wa Yanmama Junyuu-chuu, did something similar with NTR, and it got its credit. But for some reason, people fail to give this hentai it’s credit for doing something that to me, might be even more impressive. But I think, I know the reason why…

    Art and Animation: 6/10.
    The story is amazing even when dismissing it’s a 1 episode hentai, but the art and animation are honestly nothing that great. I have heard people say it looks more like a Queen Bee production than a Pink Pineapple one, and sadly I find myself agreeing with it. It’s not as bad though, don’t get twisted. But when considering that it’s from Pink Pineapple, it does become very disappointing. The animation is so stiff, even for the shmex scenes. And the art, while growing on me after rewatches, is certainly not amazing either. The one thing that saves this sinking ship is the direction, which is more so a plus for the manga. The shots and angles for this hentai are great, and sometimes make me forgot about the low production quality.

    Sound: 8/10.
    Most modern hentai’s do get perfect 10’s in sound from me, and this one is pretty close. It’s just certain portions feel very cheap and the voice acting uneven. This could be a byproduct of COVID’s early effects.

    Character 9/10.
    Mika is an almost perfect main female lead. Let’s talk strictly about design first. I love how she looks. Even with the odd looking art style, her design really pops and all of her shmex scenes are great. And her personality is very captivating and surprisingly, her development is one of the most interesting aspects of not just her character but the hentai overall. Seeing her grow past her insecurities and grow closer with the main lead of the hentai is so interesting. The moment where she ignores her previous boyfriend is a great showcase of this. So why not a perfect 10? Like most issues with modern hentai, it is because of time. I feel we needed more time with her. 16 minutes is just not enough time to fully realize this character arc and it shows, even if it is amazing nonetheless.

    Enjoyment: 9/10.
    Overall, I loved this hentai. Speaking objectively, the art and animation is not pretty average. But to me, I managed to grow accustomed to the art and actually like it for what it is. And the animation became less distracting when I got to marvel in how great the layout and structure of the shmex scenes were. And to top it all off, the story and character in this hentai is so god damn great!.

    Overall: 8/10.
    Overall, I would 100% recommend this hentai if you can get past how it looks. I think it is very underrated and the score it had on MAL just does not justify itself at all.
    Reviewer’s Rating: 8

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