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Kiss Hug
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Kiss Hug

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Status: Completed Studio: , Released: Dec 27, 2019 Duration: 19 min. per ep. Season: Country: Type: OVA Episodes: 2 Censor: Censored Director: Producers: , Posted by: GenX Released on: Updated on:
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This title has been categorized as 'mature', therefore may contain intense violence, blood/gore, sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers.

Synopsis Kiss Hug

Hentai “Kiss Hug” is based on the eponymous tankobon with the authorship of “SuiheiSen” in December 2019.
The story takes place in our days. The manga itself consists of several unrelated stories. Chizuru and Haru had been friends since childhood and regarded each other solely as brother and sister. However, as time went on, the children grew up to become grown-up boys and girls. Now Haru looks at his once best friend as an object …

キスハグ, Kiss Hug, 키스허그

Gallery Kiss Hug

Characters & Voice Actors

Chizuru Main
Yumiya, Yumi
Yumiya, Yumi Japanese
Minori Main
Megu Main
Tezuka, Ryouko
Tezuka, Ryouko Japanese
Yui Main
Sugisawa, Maya
Sugisawa, Maya Japanese
Kusunoki, Natsumi
Kusunoki, Natsumi Main
Ayumi, Sarah
Ayumi, Sarah Japanese
Seo Supporting


  1. GenX says:

    My fellow degenerate,

    Kiss Hug… Seemed an odd name when I thought about it. Although not all too far off for the content involved. Perhaps Blow Suck was taken.

    Each episode tells two 10 minute-ish stories which are not connected in any way. There’s no synopsis so I did an in-depth look at what it has to offer. Have fun reading my essay.

    The first is about a Viagra saleswoman trying to sell to a man who has no money for such nonsense. He spends his money on maintaining his incredibly beautiful hairstyle. Free sample, they fuck, I watch. He agrees to sign a contract for more Viagra. 500,000 yen to break it. Also, now there are like 20 more Viagra saleswomen outside his door. I imagine him in his mind realizing that each one he fucks, fucks himself just as much. Perhaps he even commits suicide after signing all the contracts. It’s left to interpretation.
    Go out with your dick held high and your scrotum empty.

    Next is about a 26 (I’m guestimating) year old guy staying at his childhood friend’s house who is 10 years younger (16 i guestimate) while her parents are gone. This alone is yabai. What pair of dumb-fuck parents would let a full-grown man who they haven’t seen for years into their home overnight alone with their horny teenage daughter? Teenage girl wants to sleep with (not fuck…yet) the guy. He agrees (fuckin’ what) Now we’re almost in illegal territory. Sleeping with a minor in the same futon who you aren’t related to is not what you want the police to hear. His erect dick arouses her even more and blah blah they fuck. This is a crime. The Japanese police would lock his ass up if they found out he’s fucking a minor. This may add to his arousal. The sick fuck. The end.

    Episode 2

    First story is actually the saddest and most fucked up.

    This guy who will grow up to be in the NBA has trouble talking to others. But, he has two female friends who talked to him and made friends. How nice! They’re on the roof together eating lunch like good little Japanese school kids when he confesses he’s never had a girlfriend since he’s never had friends. That’s sad. So one girl steals his first kiss and the other sucks his dick and then goes down a couple of times on it. They also comment on his large hands further reinforcing he will join the NBA. He’s left stunned and confused. I would be too, to find out my only two friends are sluts. So now they bring this girl who wants to lose her virginity but has no boyfriend. What a sad fuckin’ story poor girl. So he fucks her. And now his two ‘friends’ have like every damn girl in the school lined up in the nurse’s office to fuck his brains out on a bed while he’s tied up and in bondage gear. Innumerable orgasms later he’s finally free and questions his ‘friends’ and feels they should consider his feelings. Good on him. The assho- I mean ‘friends’ then jokingly brush it off and write some shit like “best friends forever” in permanent marker on his chest. In the end, what he thought were friends, were actually sex-hungry cunts who don’t actually love him for who he is, but for his dick size and Michael Jordan hands. What a fuckin’ kick in the head.

    The last story is sort of weird from the get-go. School friends. Male/female. Girl asks her friend to masturbate her (what the fuck?) and he agrees (WHAT THE FUCK?) Now he’s been doing this quite a while but is tired of only getting her off, now he wants action. So he says “do what I say for 1 week and I’ll give you a godly orgasm” or some shit. So he molests her on the train, school, the library. After that, a BJ then fucks are given. She loves it, he loves it. Now they masturbate each other. Little did they know they could masturbate themselves while watching hentai like a cultured human.

    Credits roll. Also in credits they circlejerk themselves for animating the exact doujinshi panel which they show for comparison.

    The stories are fine, the best one is the first one. Mainly because he says “Do they think they’ll get sales by sending pretty women around? That’s too bad! You came to a poor man’s house. You’re out of luck.” Obviously, this is hentai so the story isn’t the priority but it goes from 0 to Fuck real quick every time. It’s very abrupt and sudden. No gradual ease into the fucking, but just BAM it goes from “Oh you’ve never had a girlfriend?” then cuts to her sucking his dick and it sort of threw me off

    Music is barely noticeable, ED is shit.

    Voice acting is decent, but I’m easy to please. Moan and I will too, easy as that.

    Art is sort of weird in this one. It’s not CGI but doesn’t seem like normal animation either. Especially obvious during breast jiggle it’s like… CGI-ish movement but not? Kind of odd, but the colors and designs are nice.

    Character development is nonexistent since each story is 10 minutes or less. Nobody was particularly hateable but the slut friends I don’t like for doing my boy like that (not fucking, but treating him like that) I also noticed that mainly the women were instigators of sex so if that’s a plus for you go for it.

    Overall it’s fappable which is all that really matters

    With love, Muffed :3
    Reviewer’s Rating: 7

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