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Eternity: Shinya no Nurekoi Channel ♡
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Eternity: Shinya no Nurekoi Channel ♡

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Eternity: Sweet Love Story, Eternity: Late Night Wet Love Channel, エタニティ ~深夜の濡恋ちゃんねる♡~
Status: Completed Studio: Released: 2020 Duration: 20 min. per ep. Season: Country: Type: ONA Episodes: 12 Censor: Censored Director: , , , Posted by: GenX Released on: Updated on:
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This title has been categorized as 'mature', therefore may contain intense violence, blood/gore, sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers.

Synopsis Eternity: Shinya no Nurekoi Channel ♡

“Eternity: Shin’ya no Nurekoi Channel” consists of 12 different love stories, each based on a manga, which is furthermore each based on a light novel.

Episode 1: “Kimi ga Suki Dakara”
29-year-old Mika Mikashima is a journalist who thought she would have to spend her whole life alone. That changes when she meets police officer Shihou Mikashima on a blind date. To her surprise, he asks her quite quickly if they will get married. And, of course, Mika says … yes! But because Shihou always comes home late because of his work, the two of them hardly ever have time to get to know each other properly. Eventually, however, the day comes when he can finally go home early … Is it possible to fall in love after you’ve already married?

Episode 2: “Dekiai Days”
Romance has no place in Honoka Sakurai’s life … or so she thought. As an architect in a construction company, she always has a lot to do. One day, she injures herself when she collides with Hayato Kurosaki, an architect from a rival firm, on the stairs. Since he didn’t reach out to her in time, she broke her leg. As a result, Hayato vows to take care of her … At first, Honoka is more than a little suspicious of him, but he turns out to be a pretty nice guy after all.

Episode 3: “Ai Sareru no mo Oshigoto Desuka!?”
Christmas was the worst day of 23-year-old Hana Itou’s life. Her boyfriend ditched and made her quit her job to go abroad. But that doesn’t work out either, and the agency rips her off. Now she is without a house, a job and money. Fortunately, Akira Toyama, a company colleague, helps her out. Although he always seems so cold and heartless at work, he has a soft core … especially for her!

Episode 4: “Machikogareta Happy End”
Miku has the dream of becoming a well-known actress in New York. However, things are not quite going well yet. In order to earn money to afford Miku’s expensive life, she applies for a job as a secretary in Dieter Augusto Kitayama’s company. Before it can even get to a formal interview, he tells her that she has been hired. In truth, the secretary thing is also just a façade, and she is supposed to play Dieter’s fiancée. Can this fake love still turn into a real one?

Episode 5: “Noraneko wa Ai ni Oboreru”
Tamaki Mizumori lost her parents when she was still a student. With no place to stay and no money, she was almost forced to drop out of university. Luckily, her friend Yousuke Takafuji was there for her. He let her stay with him and paid her tuition fee. Over time, she fell in love with him. So she decided to leave him. But now, three years later, he is suddenly standing in front of her again. What does he want now?

Episode 6: “Bousou Propose wa Gekiama Shitate”
As a child, Ayaka Sakuraba always wanted to marry her prince charming – like Cinderella did. Unfortunately, she now knows that it is not that easy. One day, when her aunt was once again trying to set her up, she stumbled across Junta Hisamatsu. She doesn’t know that the young man would actually be her date, so she tells him that she finds such dates unnecessary and runs away. Intrigued by her, Junta shows up at her work the next day and … asks her to marry him?!

Episode 7: “Purin no Tanaka-san wa Kedamono.”
Chihiro Nagoshi starts working in a company where the employees have already had bad experiences with their female colleagues. Though, Chihiro can’t even manage to tell the men apart in their suits. She can only remember the name of Sosuke Tanaka from the sales department, who gave her sweet pudding. When alcohol comes into play at a company meeting, the “sweet Tanaka” seems even more precious to her …

Episode 8: “Reikoku CEO wa Hisho ni Oboreruka?”
Three months ago, Suou Hino became the new CEO of the same company where Rin Sekizaki works. Suou is a competent man, but because of his cold personality, everyone only calls him “Ice King”. He has already managed to drive countless secretaries away … and now Rin has to take the fall! When he finally collapses one night, Rin takes care of her boss. Thus, one thing leads to another …

Episode 9: “Soumubu no Maruyama-san, Ikemen Shachou ni Dekiai Sareru”
Satomi Maruyama works in the general affairs department of a fashion house. She is extremely inconspicuous and has therefore been given the affectionate nickname “Ghost” by her colleagues. One day, she meets the handsome director Kengo Sakurai and events unfold.

Episode 10: “152 Centi 62 Kilo no Koibito”
Mina Morishita is 152 centimetres tall and weighs 62 kilos. Therefore, she does not believe she will ever find a life partner. However, the director of the sales department, Hayato Tachibana, is accommodating and friendly to her. At a party with colleagues, she drinks a beer and ends up getting drunk. She has a dream in which she gets closer to Hayato … or was it perhaps not a dream after all?

Episode 11: “Watashi no Kare no Omiai Jijou”
Aoi Hasegawa stands in for her twin sister Akane to go on a date with the rich and handsome Rei Toujou. But he doesn’t exactly behave like a gentleman, whereupon Aoi’s hand slips. Aoi is already thinking about how to explain the botched date to her sister and parents when Rei asks her out a second time. What does he have in mind …?

Episode 12: “4 Banme no Iinazuke Kouho”
Manami Kamijo is the fourth marriage candidate of her family and is promised to a man of the Saeki family: Akihito Saeki. She actually thought she had drawn the worst lot, but Akihito turns out to be her boss, “Nishina”. Manami now has to think about Akihito more and more and can’t get him out of her mind … and Akihito also takes a liking to his candidate …

The publisher of the manga and light novels is Alpha Polis. The mangas are also available as a web version on the company website.

エタニティ ~深夜の濡恋ちゃんねる♡~, Eternity: Shinya no Nurekoi Channel, Eternity: Sweet Love Story, Eternity ~深夜的濡恋频道♡~, Eternity: Late Night Wet Love Channel, 이터니티~심야의 누레코이 채널~

Gallery Eternity: Shinya no Nurekoi Channel ♡

Characters & Voice Actors

Mikashima, Shihou
Mikashima, Shihou Main
Iwasaki, Ryouta
Iwasaki, Ryouta Japanese
Kitayama, Dieter August
Kitayama, Dieter August Main
Miura, Katsuyuki
Miura, Katsuyuki Japanese
Takafuji, Yousuke
Takafuji, Yousuke Main
Mizumori, Tamaki
Mizumori, Tamaki Main
Ariga, Yurie
Ariga, Yurie Japanese
Sakuraba, Ayaka
Sakuraba, Ayaka Main
Shimizu, Ai
Shimizu, Ai Japanese
Hisamatsu, Junto
Hisamatsu, Junto Main
Suzuki, Yuto
Suzuki, Yuto Japanese
Narusa, Miku
Narusa, Miku Main
Ariga, Yurie
Ariga, Yurie Japanese
Itou, Hana
Itou, Hana Main
Shamoto, Haruka
Shamoto, Haruka Japanese
Mikashima, Mika
Mikashima, Mika Main
Ishihara, Mai
Ishihara, Mai Japanese
Kurosaki, Hayato
Kurosaki, Hayato Main
Oosuka, Jun
Oosuka, Jun Japanese


  1. GenX says:

    I really enjoyed this anime/hentai. It is definitely geared more towards women, and features a romantic-esque story each episode with different characters/settings. The romance for the most part is mutual, so there is no rapey-scenes that make the viewer uncomfortable. It also seems to focus more on the sexual experience of the female characters, as they usually get oral/fingers rather than just penetration. There’s no blood, no sobbing, no fetishes. Overall, it’s fairly vanilla however the art is pretty and the scenes are enjoyable to watch. Usually there’s ~8 minutes of storyline and ~4 minutes of sex per episode.

    One thing I will note, though, is that all english translations I found were not good. Sometimes lines weren’t translated, others were translated incorrectly, pronouns were misused. This didn’t bother me for the most part and seemed to get a little better as the episodes went on. You’re still able to get the gist of the conversation.

    Still one of the best hentais I’ve seen though- less creepy and more realistic!
    Reviewer’s Rating: 9

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