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Tooi Kimi ni Boku wa Todokanai Episode 1 Poster

Tooi Kimi ni, Boku wa Todokanai, Episode 2

OVA Sub Sub Released on January 28, 2024 · ? views · Posted by GenX · series Tooi Kimi ni, Boku wa Todokanai
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This title has been categorized as 'mature', therefore may contain intense violence, blood/gore, sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers.

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遠い君に, 僕は届かない / Tooi Kimi ni, Boku wa Todokanai

#2. 遠い君に、僕は届かない 後編 [二峰跨人] / Tooi Kun Ni, Boku Ha Todokanai Kouhen

Tooi Kimi ni, Boku wa Todokanai, Episode 2

The Dead Angle of Good Intentions: On That Day, the Chairperson’s Innocence Was Stolen…
Mizuki Naruse, the chairperson of the committee, cannot overlook the fact that her classmate Yui Maeda is being penetrated by the boys, and out of a sense of justice, she goes to the place designated by them after school.
Mizuki makes the boys promise not to have anything to do with Yui, and in exchange, Mizuki offers her own body to them.
She is forced to declare in front of the camera, “This is a consensual act, not a p***y p***y.”
Mizuki is forced to declare in front of the camera that she is not a pussy, and she acts resolutely even as the boys play with her body, but as her virginity membrane is pierced and she is repeatedly put in and out, she gradually begins to notice something wrong with her body.

Included in the original story, “Zenyoku no Shikaku (Dead Angle of Good Intentions) – On that day, the purity of the committee chairman was taken away…” from “Distant You, I Can’t Reach You”.

Tooi Kimi ni, Boku wa Todokanai, Episode 2

Tooi Kimi ni, Boku wa Todokanai

遠い君に, 僕は届かない
Rating 5.57
Status: Completed Studio: , Released: Mar 26, 2021 Duration: 20 min. per ep. Season: Country: Type: OVA Episodes: 2 Censor: Censored Director: Casts: , , , , ,
“Tooi Kimi ni, Boku wa Todokanai”, based on the manga of the same name by Kobito Futamine, features two erotic stories. Episode 1: Ryouka Yotsumoto and Ayumu Matsuzono have been friends since childhood. Whenever they could, the two spent time together. Now Ryouka is no longer a sweet, innocent child but an attractive young woman. It is therefore not surprising that Ayumu has developed feelings for his childhood friend. However, one day, a stroke of fate strikes them both, and they are attacked by a gang. Fortunately, Yamato Aihara manages to scare the “enemies” away with his iron karate fists. Though, Ryouka and Ayumu don’t know that this was just a trick either … Episode 2: High school student Mitsuki Naruse is the student council president at her school. She is strict and cares a lot about the welfare of her fellow students. One day, she witnesses her classmates Mikami, Handa and Rento sexually coercing the innocent Yui Maeda in the school toilet. She tries to help her classmate and promises to take action together against the rapists. However, Yui has lured her into a trap, and now she herself becomes the next victim of the three boys … So, why does she start to enjoy it after all?! Tooi Kimi ni, Boku wa Todokanai, 遠い君に, 僕は届かない, I can't reach you, far away., 멀리 있는 너에게, 나는 닿지 않는다

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